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Apr 26, 2010 07:22 AM

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - Merrick Farm - Farmingdale, NJ

My wife and I are looking into joining a local CSA in Monmouth County. Does anyone belong to the Merrick Farm CSA? This seems to be the only CSA in the area. We are new to CSA's so any information would be welcomed.

Thanks a lot

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  1. Not familiar with it, but I wanted to add that if you are in Western Monmouth, there is also one in Roosevelt. I joined a few years back.

    1. Try googling 'Monmouth County CSA': first result is Earthen Harvest in Jackson. They sell at the Red Bank Farmer's Market and deliver shares in Monmouth and Ocean counties. It looks like you may be late for sign-up, as the registration for this year's CSA ended on April 30, but you could try emailing them.