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Apr 26, 2010 06:35 AM

Mother's Day Brunch BUFFET near Malvern

I'm looking for options for a Mother's Day brunch buffet near Malvern, Pa. Last year we went to The Big Easy Saloon and it was nice, but don't want to do the same thing. I'm looking for something somewhat casual. Thanks

Here's what I have so far:
Radnor Hotel
Longwood Gardens
Desmond Hotel
Firecreek Restaurant, Downingtown - BOOKED

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  1. There's Riverstone Cafe or Brickside Grille - both in Exton

    1. What is Winberies? I drive by it all the time, but wasn't sure what it was like: atmosphere, cuisine, etc. I too am contemplating doing a brunch on Mother's Day...treating myself & my daughter. I thought the Desmond Hotel looked like a possibility. Have you tried the Trattoria San Nicola in Paoli?

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        Can't recommend Winberies....decent atmosphere but the food is just not worth the visit. Have been there 3 times for lunch (never my suggestion of where to meet) and the last visit convinced me it's not worth another visit.

      2. Radnor Hotel does a pretty nice job. Wouldn't recommend Winberies. Longwood Gardens is far to travel from Malvern. Haven't been to the Desmond in awhile. Also, Nectar and Meridith's (both in Berwyn) do great brunch but I don't think either is a buffet.

        1. I have decided to go to The Desmond. We needed to go later in the day, and the Desmond buffet switches from breakfast to dinner items after 1:30pm which was attractive to us.