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Apr 26, 2010 06:24 AM

Family shabbos on Long Island?

We have a chuppah in Long Island on an early Sunday in June. Since we are coming from Toronto, we will need to stay over shabbos prior. Any suggestions of a good location to find a reasonable hotel near an OU-type shul where we can make meal arrangements? (Note -- we've got 6 kids).

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  1. Two areas I suggest
    The first is Long Beach -South Shore- i mentioned this on another request.. The Allegria - New hotel on the beach
    kosher shopping in the five towns & walking Long Beach Shuls - YILB - The Bach

    Also Great Neck -North Shore
    1- The Great Neck Inn on Cutter Mill Rd
    2- The Bayberry On Station Place ?/ (LIRR- GN Station)
    Both are walking distance to YIGN - a little more to GN Syn.
    Also Plenty of kosher shopping in Great Neck- Great Neck Glatt has take out
    Catch a nosh at Bagel Mentch on erev shabbos -
    BTW Colbeh ( great persian food) is in the Bayberry Hotel and might have shabbos meals ??
    Mazel Tov

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    1. re: caterman

      Thanks for your suggestions, but none of these places have availability for the shabbos we will be there. And even if they did, the prices are boggling ($350 to $500 per room... and we need 2!). Could stay in Manhattan at those rates. Maybe something more modest in NJ area?

      1. re: gevaltech

        perhaps you should just find a couple of families in Queens or L.I. to stay by for Shabbos? I hear there are still some families in these places that still practice hachnoses orchim

        1. re: berel

          It's a thought. Any suggestions/contacts?

          1. re: gevaltech

            try making a request in this Yahoo group

            I apologize for not personally offering, but my wife works late Friday afternoons and it's very hard having company even when my kids come with their families

            1. re: gevaltech

              btw, have you asked the people making the chasana about the possibility of them finding you a place/family to stay by for that Shabbos?

              1. re: berel

                family making the chasana is non-frum

              2. re: gevaltech

                We would be very happy to have you and your family in our house for shabbos thru your simcha. How many people, and what is the dates. I have only one conflict that month and it's kind of big, my sons Auf Ruf and Wedding however if we can verify that you are normal frum people then you could even stay when we are away. Please let me know the dates and the number of people and any special needs (ie cribs, diabetics etc.) We have a large house that was built for company and live in the 5 town area.

                1. re: BabbiD

                  mazel tov on your son's aufruf/chasana

                  1. re: BabbiD

                    That is really generous of you BabbiD... (although I doubt I can verify our normalness)... especially in the midst of your own simchas ... Mazel Tov! But we are a rather large bunch ... 6 kids. It's the first shabbos in June.

              3. re: gevaltech

                My mom was able to get a room for $240 through Orbitz at the Courtyard Marriott on the Upper East Side (92nd and York). Chabad Israel Center davens Shabbos morning there with an extended Kiddush that can serve as lunch. (You'll have to walk a bit for Fri night and Shabbos afternoon, but the neighborhood is great) You can try contacting Rabbi Vigler for help with meals.

                1. re: vallevin

                  I was jk when I mentioned Manhattan. Since we will likely need 2 rooms (8 of us) for 2 nights ... even $240 gets quite pricey. Upper East Side is a bit beyond our reach I'm afraid. That's why I was thinking more in the 'burbs.

            2. Where on Long Island is your Chuppah? There is a wonderful community known for its hospitality and hachnasat orchim in Roslyn Heights, NY. Not only will you be hosted and fed delicious meals, but the shule is a very special place where you will enjoy both the members of the community as well as the entire experience

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              1. re: robocop

                Thanks for that lead robocop.. I will check it out!

                Location in Long Island isn't that important (that's why even NJ would be ok). We just need to be in the general vicinity to drive there within a couple hours Sunday morning as we can't make it straight from Toronto in time.

                  1. re: robocop

                    Sorry your getting nowhere try the Clinton Inn in Tenafly NJ
                    It is a small hotel with keyed locks within a "good" walking distance to Ahavath Torah in Englewood
                    3-4 miles - Also plenty of kosher shopping in Englewood /Teaneck
                    Also on Rt 4 Before Jones Road exit near the GWB ( Ft. Lee- Englewood Area) there is a Best Western & a Doubletree
                    Both are in walking distance to Englewood shuls ( A T & Rabbi Genack)

                      1. re: gevaltech

                        Ask the Spiegelman's (or Webers) about Roslyn! Here's the Rabbi's e-mail address:

                        1. re: robocop

                          I'll try and speak to Kalmen W. at shul. Thanks again Robocop.