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Apr 26, 2010 06:20 AM

Best Quick Breakfast

I am coming to Fest this week. Want something small before heading out to the track for the main event. I would like something quick but good for breakfast. I am staying near the Convention Center. I love the black ham biscuits from Mother's but I keep seeing horrible comments about the restaurant, so I am looking for alternatives. Could be great pastries or breakfast sandwiches.

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  1. Mother's on a whole is not that great and it gets bashed by many on here, but they do some things well. If you like something there, why would you not go to get that before heading to the fest? I personally think it is way overrated and would not wait in line there, but that's me.

    I'd stick with what you like.

    1. Why not just arrive hungry at Fest and have first meal there? Except for possibly Sunday morning, that is our plan. Allows for more sampling of JF food offerings if we include first meal :)