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NY hounds ISO late night dinner near Fort Lauderdale airport

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We are flying to Ft Lauderdale on Thursday and staying at one of the airport hotels for the night, have an early flight out on Fri AM. Will not have a car. Any suggestions for a decent late night dinner (around 10 pm) within a short cab ride from the airport Sheraton? Nothing fancy, just a place for burgers/salads or maybe some raw bar. Seem to recall there was a crab joint nearby that was ok, not great. Help us avoid a meal at the hotel bar, please!

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  1. The crab joint you're thinking of is The Rustic Inn. You're also right near the 17th Street Causeway....maybe a 10 minute ride from the airport. Here you can find Southport Raw Bar....just the type of place you describe.

    Southport Raw Bar
    1536 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316