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Apr 25, 2010 09:03 PM

Indian Catering Rec's?

Want to get a casual dinner catered for about 35 ppl. Was thinking of going with Glory of India, since they've done a nice job at a couple of parties I've been at where they did the food. But thought I'd canvass the board to see if anyone's had great experience with other places...


Glory of India
515 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0J7, CA

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  1. We had a party catered by Tiffin's- the food was great, smiles all around, and we had TONNES left over- the thing was that they didn't actually deliver the food; we had to pick it up. But as I say the spread was excellent.

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      I would second Tiffin. I could be mistaken, but I do believe the last time I was there I saw a sign that said they now deliver those types of orders.

    2. We use Apna Desi Meat Masala- this is a meat shop/ take out place in the NE. Very good, and reasonable. They have a set catering package that is very reasonable. the number is 568-4455. I would order to try so you can judge