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Apr 25, 2010 07:28 PM

Tastings at Patriot Place - Lunch report

I haven't seen anything on this board about Tastings yet so I thought I should report on a great lunch experience we had last Sunday.

You can order wines by the glass but it's fun to experiment with their flights. A flight is a selection of three 4-oz (I think) pours on a theme. We tried a Spanish and an Italian flight. Each flight has clever name and I believe they rotate the choices periodically.

For lunch we started with 2 appetizers: Rabbit bruschetta and a spring veggie salad (carrot, beet, asparagus, turnip, fiddleheads) in a nice creamy dressing. The veggie plate was good but the rabbit was the star. It was sort of a rabbit stew atop slices of french bread. If the bread was toasted, it was very light. Absolutely delicious!

For our mains, I took advantage of the in-house charcucherie and ordered the lamb sausage. It is served on a bed of nicely seasoned white navy beans and the lamb was lean and delicious, seasoned with allspice.
My DC had the stuffed squid. This was the star entree. Tender squid tubes stuffed with tasty ground pork served over squid-ink homemade pasta. We both wanted to lick the plate and we plan to try to duplicate this at home.

Tastings is reasonably priced and I want to go back for dinner for the wine pairings.

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  1. I've been curious about this place and still haven't been to this complex, maybe combine it with a stop at the Davio's bar.