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Good taco trucks on the eastside?

There's a taco truck in the parking lot of the 76 gas station in West Totem Lake. Their bbq pork tacos are tasty, though very greasy. I wasn't that impressed with their carne asada, and their salsa is kind of blah. Are there any other good taco trucks on the eastside (Bellevue/Kirkland/Bothell)? Open on Sunday would be a plus because I'd love some tacos right now.

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  1. Alas, the Eastside is not Seattle and I personally have not seen any taco trucks. However, there are a couple of good places you can get freshly-made soft tacos. One is La Cocina del Puerco in Old Bellevue that offers taquitos that come three to a plate, along with rice and beans. My personal favorite filling is carnitas, as good a version as I've had anywhere. They even make their own corn tortillas on a griddle. The taquitos plate, however, is not exactly cheap, which may be important to you.

    The other place is La Venadita Taqueria in Issaquah whose tacos are definitely taco truck priced ($1.29 each). Fillings include asada, chicken, cabeza, lengua, chorizo and adobada. My favorite is the adobada. You can order tacos singly or in a combination plate.

    Because both places are sit-down restaurants, they offer other things as well, many of them quite good.

    1. Taqueria Guadalajara is a taco truck in Bellevue. It is in the 76 gas station parking lot (corner of 148th Ave and NE 24th. It is the best taco truck on the Eastside. It can be good but can be a little bit inconsistent. The lengua (tongue) is pretty good. The al pastor was great a couple of times but really dried out one time. Overall, a good taco truck.

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        That's my go to truck in the entire Seattle area. What's a better bet?

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          Tacos El Asadero is now my absolute favorite. Their carnitas are so good.


          Tacos El Asadero
          4200 S Othello St, Seattle, WA 98118

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            Second on El Asadero.

            Down the street from that Bellevue one, there's Taqueria el rinconsito (not strictly a truck, but basically the same thing).

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            Finally tried Taqueria Guadalajara today. I don't know what they were like when they first opened, but after the meal I had there today, I wouldn't be caught dead recommending this place. Meats were dried out and utterly infused with the flavor of old grease. My carne asada taco was served to me with bits of black paper strewn amongst the meat. The al Pastor just tasted bizarre, couldn't quite put my finger on it. Pollo was the best of the three I had, but still dry and extremely greasy. My stomach is still doing somersaults.

            Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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              Well, to be fair - the OP was asking about taco trucks on the eastside. That is simply the best taco truck on the eastside, but it's due to a general lack of options. There is another one in Kirkland that I mention further down below, but it's of a similar quality level.

              I've been to Taqueria Guadalajara a couple times, and I've never had dried meat. My principle complaint is the general blandness of the food, but it's alright in a pinch.

              There's a place (non truck) near downtown Bellevue that's similar in style to El Puerco Lloron at Pike Place Market, but not really near its quality. If I'm paying ~$10 for that kind of food, I'll usually just make the trip downtown instead.

              El Puerco Lloron
              1501 Western Ave Ste 200, Seattle, WA 98101

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                Yeah, it's pretty sad if that was the best the eastside has to offer. I still want to try Cilantro down by Eastgate.

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                  I always get the lengua version, which has always been pretty juicy. Also, there's El Rinconsito, which isn't a taco truck, but they serve pretty much the same thing.

          3. There's one that opened not too long ago in the Chevron station parking lot on Central Way in Kirkland (I believe it's called Tacos El Guero.) I have only been there once, and don't recall it being too memorable, but need to give it another try before passing judgment one way or the other.

            But I'd agree and say that Taqueria Guadalajara is probably your best bet for a taco truck around here.

            1. Taqueria Rinconsito on 140th is an actual restaurant, but the food is a bit better than the Guadalajara truck and the prices are taco-truckish.

              On Redmond Way, there's Taqueria el gallo. I consider it only average, having been there only once. Again, a sit-down restaurant serving taco-truck food.

              In Bothell, there's Aca Las Tortas. As the name implies, they're a torta shop that also serves other side things like tacos. They've since moved into an actual store and have a website.


              Aca Las Tortas
              22910 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021

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                I actually ended up going to Taqueria El Rinconsito on Sunday. They are open until midnight and they were totally packed around 7:30pm. Four tacos only cost $3.48 with tax, so it was actually cheaper than some taco trucks. The adobada was a bit fatty for my taste, but the carnitas were good. I'd definitely like to try some of their other menu items.

              2. While I was out near Microsoft campus today I saw what appears to be a new taco truck in the parking lot of the Chevron at the corner of 156th and Bel-Red Road. I don't get out that way much these days so I don't know how long it's been there, but has anyone tried this one yet?

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                  It's horrid. I'm pretty sure that their chicken is precooked pieces from sysco that they've chopped up and the only "cooking" implement in there is a microwave. Stick to the taco truck at 148th & 24th if you're in this neighborhood.

                2. Yeah, I think I've tried that same one some time ago. I think the name translates to wet or slippery donkey or something like that (El burrito mojado?). I thought it was kind of bland overall, but OK in a pinch. Lots of day laborers eating there, so it's probably not too bad.

                  The one on 148th & 24th is more flavorful, if you're stuck on the eastside.

                  1. I just tried a taco truck I've driven by dozens of times over the past few months. It's called Cilantro and it's in the Eastgate neighborhood of Bellevue. Across the street from the Albertsons...behind the Pizza Hut.

                    I'm no taco truck expert, but I had a wholly decent burrito bowl at Cilantro. Their rice has cilantro mixed in (although by the name of the joint, I'd have expected a lot more cilantro in their cilantro-lime rice). I had a marinated/stewed pork. It was mild, but still flavorful.

                    Bowl had a generous serving of meat, beans (pinto?), fresh pico, limited cheese (which was actually refreshing) and a dollop of sour cream.

                    They had 4 homemade salsas/hot sauces to choose from. I've been into all things spicy lately, so I went with the habanero and a mild green salsa. The gentleman working the counter warned me to be careful with the habanero. In the end, it had a nice heat, but wasn't terribly hot.

                    Service was quick and great. The purveyor is the latino grandfather I never had. He's adorable. The truck itself was clean and the food similar. That'd almost be a complaint, that it was too refined or not gritty enough. There's also an enclosed tent available if you want to dine-in during the winter months.

                    Anyway, this place is right by my office, so I'll be back. It was good. More personality than a Chipotle or similar, but with plenty of options. I'll probably also venture away from the burrito bowl to see what other menu options are delicioso.

                    1. I recommend a place I tried today on 130th Ave NE in Bellevue, Los Chilangos. The speciality is tacos al pastor, and unlike others that are advertised as such, they actually do have an operating spit from which the pork is sliced ("el trompo"), served with fresh pinapple. I found the quality quite good; I would rate it better than Tacos Chukis in Cap. Hill in fact--the meat was more tender (though I think that Chukis does have hand-made tortillas). The lengua was also quite good. Would definitely return for more. http://loschilangos.com/?page_id=58

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                        Yeah, I've been going here for a while now. Definitely the best truck on the eastside by far. And they use a higher grade of ingredients than most other trucks.

                        They were only doing weekday lunch for a while, as they said it was a obscure location with not a whole lot of traffic. Apparently, their business has improved as they are there all the time now (it seems like).

                        Not a taco truck - but there's also a new Caribbean truck in Plaza 520 behind the Redmond Whole Foods that just started up. Pretty interesting menu, but kind of on the pricey side for what you get IMO. But definitely worth trying (check their website for their hours and locations).

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                          What can you say?
                          Beef cheeks on the menu, tongue, al pastor, etc.
                          This truck is authentic IMO.
                          They laughed when I inquired about moronga, tripas, and seso fillings.
                          Did drop a suggestion to prepare papas locas--one can only hope.

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                            I went back yesterday and tried a chicken mole tamal--very good, larger and much lighter and smoother texture than those I typically get at El Asadero #2.

                            Overall, I would put Los Chilangos up against El Camion for best in the area. While El Camion's salsa bar, and meat choices (cochinita pibil!) are superior, the above-mentioned attributes of Los Chilangos make it a contender. Now if we can just get a truck that combines the best of both, and adds tortillas hecho a mano....

                        2. The OP is apparently talking about Burrito Mojado. If you haven't tried it since April last year, try it again, it's better than many sit down places. As far as I am concerned it is way way better than Guadelajara. They also have stuff that trucks don't typically have, like enchiladas and tamales.