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Apr 25, 2010 06:06 PM

Final List for 2010 Rome/Venice Trip

Please, share your toughs on my choices...and if possible, let me know the price range, thanks!


Colline Emiliane DINNER
La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali LUNCH
Armando al Pantheon LUNCH
Ristorante Giggetto al Portico d'Ottavia DINNER
Trattoria monti DINNER

Im considering switching any of the dinner for the followin:

Hostaria Romana
Felice a Testaccio
Al Moro
Osteria dell' Angelo
Antico Arco (How much would a dinner cost?)

Il Refolo LUNCH
Cavatappi LUNCH
Fiaschetteria Toscana DINNER
Il Ridotto DINNER

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  1. Felice (especially the cacio al pepe) is better than any of your dinner choices in my opinion. I'd also trade Casa Bleve for one of your lunch choices (probably Giggetto) if you enjoy wine. Armando's is definitely worth going to--works for dinner too (but make a reservation)

    1. I'd have to agree with Geraldi, except that I don't think Armando is all that important. It's good, and you definitely need to reserve, but it's not way better than a lot of places. Giggetto offers the Jewish fritti, which are nice to taste, but Piperno is a better restaurant. Paris, in Trastevere, offers them too, but from what I hear, they're in a slump. Antico Arco is the only sort of modern, interesting place on your list (secondi €25-30) and would make a nice change from the rest of the trattoria fare you've chosen. I don't know Hostaria Romana, hate Matricianella and Al Moro (I have eaten well there, but not always, and it's too expensive to be inconsistent, and the service can be awful or great depending on how important you seem). Osteria dell'Angelo is not particularly good but is cheap and has a certain rough charm.

      1. As for Venice, Al Prosecco is wine bar with very simple cicchetti. I would choose another place with a wider selection of cicchetti for a light dinner. And since you are doing Il Refolo for lunch, I am not sure you want to be on essentially the same Campo for both meals.

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          What do you suggest for Cicchetti?

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            Aside from a light lunch, the best time for cicchetti is late afternoons and early evenings. Many restaurants will serve cicchetti in their front bar. For a light dinner rather then drinks and simple bites:
            San Marco: La Mascareta (open evenings only), Enoteca al Volto
            Castillo: Da Alberto
            Cannaregio: La Bomba, al Bacco. La Cantina, alla Vedova (Ca D'Oro)
            San Polo: Vivaldi
            Dorsoduro: Cantine del Vino Gia Schiavi, ai Feri

        2. As for prices on your Venice list:
          Il Refolo: pizza around 10-12E, antipasti and primi 15E, secondi around 20E
          Al Prosecco: simple wines and spritz, 3E, cichetti 1.5E
          Cavatappi: wines cheap as 2.50E to whatever; cichetti, 2E and up
          Fiaschetteria Toscana: antipasti/primi 15-18E; secondi around 25E; desserts 10 E; there is a five course set menu for around 50E (coperto, service and tax included), no choices and for the entire table. We had this set menu just last month during our stay: raw tuna, sole saor, pasta with lobster, seafood fritto misto, baked apples. This is one of our favorite and probably the most consistent restaurant in Venice.
          Il Ridotto where I have not eaten; search this board as there was an earlier discussion on this topic; from what I remember reading, expect 75E before wine.

          1. ROME: I find Trattoria Monti to be inconsistent over the past 12-18 months. I'd ditch it. Da Giggetto, too. DOnt know what all the fuss is about that place. Still havent had an excellent meal there (and ive been trying for almost 10 years). I would put La Campana in its place.

            VENICE: I can't imagine going to venice without eating fish at Al Fontego dei Pescatori!