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Apr 25, 2010 05:39 PM

Duo in Stamford?

Went by last night (Saturday) and it was dead as a door nail. Last year people on this board couldn't get enough of it. What happened?

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  1. dead as in closed? Or dead as in no one eating there?

    1. They've had a hard time the last year with all the construction... Duo's menu has pretty much been phased out, with the exception of the sushi. They are only offering the Thai Chi menu. I spoke to the owner a few weeks ago and the long term goal is that once the renovations are finished, Thai Chi will officially open next door and Duo will be turned into more of a lounge. They plan to extend the bar area the entire length of the restaurant. I can't remember if they'll serve any food at Duo once all of this is done.

      Thai Chi
      25 Bank St, Stamford, CT

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          I miss Plateau which was owned by the same people. It offered a comfortable environment and food at decent prices, good but not outstanding and adequate if not generous portions.