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Apr 25, 2010 04:46 PM

Risotto problem

I've attempted a fairly standard wild mushroom risotto recipe a few times now, and although the flavor is good, I hven't been able to achieve that wonderful creamy texture that I've had in restaurants. I use the aborio rice, my own homemade chicken stock, white wine, and parmigiano-reggiano. The rice comes out very firm (more than al dente) and and doesn't seem to have fluffed up.

Am I not toasting the rice long enough, cooking over too low a temperature, etc., etc. Any help or advice will certainly be appeciated.

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  1. Are you adding enough white wine before the stock, maybe you also need a bit more stock?

    1. sounds like not enough stock

      1. Add more water and keep cooking until slightly al dente. Start tasting 15 minutes after you first add water.

        1. I was never impressed with my risotto until I switched from arborio rice to carnaroli* rice. Big difference; al dente, creamy and didn't clump into a wad.
          You didn't mention if you are adding hot stock, but do that if you aren't already.
          *vialone nano is another option for rice.

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          1. re: monavano

            i agree. Carnaroli has always worked better for me.

          2. Sounds to me like a combination of not enough stock and not cooking it long enough. If the rice is not cooked enough, the starch will not leave the grain and enter the liquid, same problem if you don't have enough stock to begin with.

            Try keeping a pot of hot broth on the stove next to your risotto and adding a good ladle-full every few minutes during cooking until you have the texture that you want (aka ignore the time on the box of arborio). Good luck!

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              Agree with Benoit48, that's the right technique. It takes attention and patience but it's really pretty easy if you follow that advice. After the rice is the right texture you can always add a little extra cheese, like mascarpone, or cream to up the creaminess.