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Apr 25, 2010 04:12 PM

Brunch at the Sidewalk Cafe in the Fan

I had brunch today at the Sidewalk Cafe. I was visiting Richmond and friends recommended suggested brunch here. We arrived about noon - long line. Everyone in the line was confused about whether or not we needed to put our names in, how long the wait was, etc. There was no management of this line at all, which was a bit frustrating. Eventually, one of our party got to the bar and got bloody marys for us and put our names on some sort of list that Tiffany was keeping behind the bar. The bloodies were great - and they actually had alcohol in them, unlike most bloodies that I get in DC. Eventually we were seated. I ordered Eggs Sarducci, I think it was called. Fried eggs on English muffins with spinach, tomatoes and Swiss -- served with fried potatoes. It was delicious. Everyone I was with liked what they had as well. We also loved the music they were playing in here; the place had a great, friendly vibe. I loved it and wouldn't hesitate to return on my next trip to Richmond. Maybe next time I'll try getting there a bit earlier to combat the line.

The Sidewalk Cafe
2101 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220

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  1. Thanks for the review! Sidewalk has such a fun, casual brunch, it's one of my favorites! Next time get the Eggs Edwina, named after the waitress who proabably took care you that morning!

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    1. re: Racheleats

      Funny you should mention that! I was trying to choose between the Eggs Sarducci and the Eggs Edwina! I'll do that the next time - along with more bloodies! I'd be a fixture here if I lived in the area!

      1. re: woodleyparkhound

        as a rule i think richmond has exceptionally good bloody mary's. don't know why that is, but i enjoy it! :)

        1. re: AMFM

          I always love it for a group brunch too because they offer pitchers of mimosas. I love bloody marys, but always seem to get sucked into the mimosa pitcher there!