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Apr 25, 2010 04:06 PM

looking for great breakfast food on long island

I am looking for great breakfast food on long island. It can be a
shack, ethnic, or high end as long as it is great food. Thanks.

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  1. Toast-Huntington, LI
    Munday's-Huntington, LI

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    1. re: chaz

      To add to that, going by geographic region (otherwise in no particular order):
      Jo Jo Apples (Lido Beach)
      Maureen & Daughers (Smithtown)
      Cooks Room (Middle Island)
      Park Avenue Grill (Amityville)
      Thomas' Ham & Eggery (Carle Place)
      Winnie's (Bay Shore)

      1. re: Scott_R

        thomas' is my favorite. i always try to get there when visiting relatives in the area. very casual, retro diner style. cash only by the way but it's quite reasonable.

        1. re: davmar77

          I second Thomas's. Also second Toast in huntigton, but my favorite breaksfast spot has to go to Maureen's. Unique and fresh and excellant every time.

          1. re: jnab121

            I'm ambivalent about Toast. I suppose in part it's because their omelet menu is non-existent--that is, they just give you a list of the usual suspects (cheeses, the standard veggies) and tell you to mix and match on your own. I prefer when places come up with imaginative creations (like Maureen's always does).

            I don't like their take on frittatas: I've always seen that dish as something lighter and fluffier, while Toast weighs theirs down with creme fraiche or slab bacon (I had an excellent spicy corn frittata at Jo Jo Apples some weeks back).

            Sometimes when I go out I'm tempted to get pancakes or French toast (though for me the high-carb stuff ends up not satisfying), but I've never been tempted at Toast: aside from the basic buttermilk pancakes, I think their creations are way too rich and sweet--for my tastes, more suited to a dessert than breakfast.

            IIRC, when I've gone it's always ended up a toss between the veggie skillet and the pizzettes; nothing else really tempts.

            De gustibus non est disputandum.

    2. Monday's in Huntington, Maureen and Daughter in Smithtown or Toast in Port Jefferson

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