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Jun 16, 2005 02:51 AM

If you're ever in Downey...

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Been assigned to Downey criminal courthouse for last 3 weeks. Many Subway/Quizmo lunches w/co-workers, but managed to do some exploring:

CARNITAS MICHOACAN (Imperial/Paramount): Many places in LA with this name, not sure if they're related. Recommend cabeza and lengua combo plate.

TOKYO GARDEN (Paramount/Stewart & Gray): Surprisingly good sushi for this neck of the woods.

LA AZTECA (Paramount/Stewart & Gray): Mulitos, alambres, fresh tortillas. What was the place in Pasadena at Green & Chester? Sorta like that.

PARILLAS CHOLITO (Paramount/Albia?): Moist, savory pollo a la brasa, good aji.

PERISCO'S (Paramount/Albia?): Italian sandwiches w/fresh bread, but both bread & meatballs were like cardboard.

SALTO DEL FRAILE (Firestone/Old River School): Chicken in pollo saltado tasted off, aji tasted greasy.

AMAPOLA (Florence/Old River School): Fish & shrimp tacos. Not nearly as good as Tacos Baja Ensenada, but very nice tortillas hechas a mano.

GALLO GIRO (Garfield/Eastern): A chain, but one of the best. I always get sopes.

TACOS MEXICO (Firestone/Garfield): These guys are EVERYWHERE. This is the 4th or 5th outlet I've tried, but still prefer King Taco.

LA BARCA JALISCO (Firestone/California): Extensive menu, everything from birria to molcajetes, fresh tortillas. Like La Parrilla, sans paper cutting.

Last two days. Anyone have additional recs?

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  1. LA Bistro Cafe is in downey given that it's still open, great fish dishes, and steaks, a lamb chop or two and choc souffles for dessert, not terribly expenisve (think on 12-16 for those entrees, with a lunch special daily at about 9-10 bucks)

    heard about a great burger at Arthur's in downey too.

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      Sorry, I drove by looking for LA Bistro Cafe last week. It's now a mariscos place. May see if I can make it up to Arthur's for burger or corned beef hash.

      1. re: Robert Lu

        Don't miss ARTHUR'S OJ(same as Orange Julius)

        1. re: russkar

          hey russ, the orange juice is like orange julius? do they also make strawberry juliuses there?

          1. re: kevin

            NO! The "ARTHURS OJ" is like Orange Julius. OJ at Arthurs is OJ. Don't know about the Strawberrys? Take some in and ask them to do it, you never know?

        2. re: Robert Lu

          I'm not sure if it's La Bistro Cafe that moved from Downey to South Gate but there was a french bistro type restaurant that relocated from Downey to the mall at Firestone and Garfield in the SAM's shopping center. I haven't tried it but I've heard some good things about it. For good Mexican, I've been told that Gloria's on Florence and Old River School Rd. is very good. On Mother's Day, there was still a huge crowd waiting to get in there at 8:00 P.M. if that's any indication. It is right across the street from Amapola and Ceviche del Rey which is okay. Not as good as some other Peruvian restaurants but on Friday, Saturday and Sundays they have a great entertainer named Neo that's worth the trip just to hear him sing.

      2. Yeah, baby. Carnitas Michoacan is great. I'd definitely go back there if I were you. Try the, um, carnitas.

        1. Thanks for the list.

          I like Cebiche del Rey on Florence. It's a Peruvian place, and the cebiche mixto plate is good, with lots of fresh fish. The chicken is also good, with crispy skin.

          There is also Chris n Pitts barbecue. It's probably been 10 years since I've been here, but I seem to remember that I liked it. And they sure pack em in. On a Saturday or Sunday night, expect a long wait. I think it's where the barbecue sauce in the supermarkets originated.

          1. Try the new greek place on Paramount - it's called
            Cafe Opa>> lamb and pork chops, try the opa fries, good clean and fresh tasting.

            1. For a good Thai restaurant try Narai Thai on Firestone Blvd. Food is great and the lunch specials are a good deal. Try their sangria!

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                HABANA CAFE - Florence Av / Old River School Rd.