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Apr 25, 2010 02:28 PM

Resto suggestions for Tuesday night in Outremont

Tuesday is my SO's 50 something birthday and I was hoping to find a nice place for dinner in Outremont for 2 or 3 people. We live in Toronto but have a second home here so we know the usual places. Our favorites are La Moulerie, Paris Buerre, the big sushi place on Bernard (sorry can't think of the name). He is French and I am American and we are open to all different types of food. Can anyone point me away from our usuals to an interesting place with reliably great food open on Tuesday? Many thanks.

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  1. lemeac is in outremont, its a french bistro. and after 10, its 22$=)

    1. For a different take, my favorite would be Vegera at 228, ave. Bernard O. Quaint, unpretentious and good Greek Psarotaverna fare.

      Enjoy your special evening out!

      Vegera Restaurant
      228 Rue Bernard W, Montreal, QC H2T2K4, CA

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I checked out both websites. The menus would definitely appeal to our palates, and lemeac's 10 pm menu is great on the budget.

        1. On Van Houtte, there's Bistro Justine. They have reliably good food at extremely reasonable prices. I like to take my visiting American friends to shock the hell out of them. They also have a terrace at a separate location, it seems, but I haven't been there.

          Bistro Justine
          1268 Av Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V1K6, CA

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            Van Horne, not Van Houtte. And I cycled along Lacombe yesterday (a pretty, leafy street south of Van Horne and north of Bernard) as I couldn't recall the name of the resto there that had taken over for the defunct Delfino - indeed it is Terasse Justine and part of the same operation. It had good reviews earlier on but haven't heard much later. It also has a lunch special for $11.95. It certainly has a most charming setting, especially now that the trees are in full leaf.

            Sarah Musgrave likes it:

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              Lacombe street dies out west of the University...I believe you were on Lajoie. :-)

              1. re: anachemia

                Of course I was on Lajoie! Guess I've cycled along Lacombe all too often when I attended Université de Montréal. But I can't edit my post now. I guess Lacombe/Lajoie is like Van Horne (the street) and Van Houtte (the coffee and cafés)