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Apr 25, 2010 02:24 PM

Need Bar Recommendations near new Le Meridien Hotel

I need help. My son and daughter-in-law are taking my husband and me downtown overnight to the new Le Meridien and we're going to go bar hopping and eating rather than go to a big sit-down dinner. I need recommendations within a few blocks for places we could go that aren't going to be deafening and where we can have a drink or two and a few appetizers (and a great time, I hope). Any suggestions?

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  1. For bar hopping and dining, I'd head southwest towards Rittenhouse for:
    Oyster House (1500 block of Sansom, sit in the bar area for good cocktails and small plates and oysters),
    Tria (18th and Sansom, bar that serves wine, beer, cheese, and other small bites),
    and, Franklin Mortgage and Investment (18th between Sansom and Chestnut, focus on pre-prohibition cocktails, food is limited to cheese, charcuterie, and duck-fat potato chips).

    You could also head south of City Hall to the bar at the Ritz Carlton, small plates are served in the bar area from the kitchen of 10 Arts. Last time I was there, they had tasty pretzel bites with jalapeno marmalade (or similar such jam).

    1. They have pretty good food and drinks at the restaurant in your hotel, if I recall. But I'll second the recs for Oyster House, and Franklin Mortgage Co., and add Whiskey Village. OH and WV have pretty good food. Franklin's menu is much more limited, but the drinks are definitely worth it. Next door to WV is Tinto, which is actually a restaurant, but they do tapas, and should work pretty well with your concept.

      Also, not far away are snackbar and Pub and Kitchen: love snackbar, and while P&K doesn't do it for me, it is loved by many.

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        Thanks for the suggestions; we'll see how many we can try.