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Apr 25, 2010 01:21 PM

recipe ideas using u-brew ice wine

Several years ago a friend and I made ice-wine. As you probably already know, ice wine is sweet and well, I've got 4 bottles left, don't want to drink them and have run out of ideas. I tried making ice-wine jelly. I might try making a couple batches of sangria this summer but need some inspiration!


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  1. I'd play around with some sorbets or granitas -- I'm thinking a fruit and ice wine sorbet -- raspberry, strawberry or peach would be wonderful with ice wine. You probably won't need to add any additional sugar and the alcohol in the ice wine will keep the sorbet at a scoopable consistency.

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      That was going to be my suggestion also. If you make sorbet, you can freeze some in a cake pan & use as a filling in an ice cream cake, perhaps a baked Alaska. You can also serve in meringue cups topped with fruit & maybe a fruit coulis for an elegant dessert.