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Apr 25, 2010 01:21 PM

Need help with my too spicy stew

I'm making Pork Tinga, a Rick Bayless recipe. I just tasted it and it's way too spicy. I must have overdone it with the chipolte in adobo. Is there anything I can do to tone it down a bit? Thanks.

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  1. Eat it with some sour cream or cheese, maybe on a bed of rice. There are few problems sour cream can't solve.

    1. This comes up occasionally. The basic "cure" is, if possible, to add more of all the ingredients except for the spicy stuff. You are diluting that particular flavor.

      1. It would be easier to help if I knew the recipe.

        The best thing to do would be to make more of the original recipe without any spicy elements and then add it to your batch to dilute the spiciness but not the other flavors. This can be quite impractical, obviously.

        If the dish allows for it, you can try serving it with a milk product. Milk acts like soap for capsaicin (the 'hot' compound in peppers), bonding to it and washing it off your tongue and down your throat. This is why sour cream is so often served with spicy Mexican foods or yogurt with spicy Indian foods.

        Another option would be to thicken the stew with some masa harina - a type of corn flour traditionally used as a thickener (among other things) in Mexican cookery. It might effectively take the spiciness down a *small* notch - a lot of spicy chili recipes do this.

        Or you can always just serve it as it with a bunch of rice or avocado or in a sandwhich, or as one of several ingredients in a taco, etc - whatever it takes to scale the spiciness back to manageable proportions.

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            Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. You have been very helpful!