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Apr 25, 2010 01:04 PM

ISO best authentic gelato

Especially partial to limone and pistachio

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  1. Do you have a preference for location? There are a few more gelateria sprouting up. The aptly named "Gelateria" on Hanover St. is pretty good, but somewhat expensive. I'm partial to Giovanna's Gelato,which is sold at the Newton Farmer's market in the summer, and at various markets. It's Argentinian gelati, which is slightly different, but still very good.

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      I love Giovanna's gelato too. It's available in pint containers in many markets around town---Savenor's, etc. While that may not match the gelateria experience, it's still pretty darn good. I've also sampled Cold Fusion gelato (of Rhode Island) at the River St. Whole Foods store. They have a stand set up, like a mini-gelateria, right inside the store entrance. I've enjoyed the flavors I sampled but I was never hungry enough to go for a whole cup. Some interesting flavors, like brandied pear. Has anyone tried it?

    2. Angelato in Belmont (Waverley Square) is excellent and is the source for several restaurants.

      1. Piattini on Newbury St. has Capogiro gelato. Capogiro is an amazing gelateria in Philadelphia. I haven't gone to Piattini yet, but when we lived in Philly, we went to Capogiro WAY too often. Having gone to Italy while we were living in Philly and eating Capogiro regularly, I can say that it is at least as good as the best gelato in Florence.

        226 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

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          IMHO the best Gelato is from Caffe Paradiso on Hanover Street in the North End. They make it there every Tuesday, and if you can go on a Tuesday or Wednesday is is wonderful. I think it far surpasses what the Gelateria offers.

          272 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

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            Yeah, that's good stuff - like the pistachio and hazlenut. I think texturally the closest thing is Melt in the Natick Collection. I like the flavor (white chocolate raspberry in particular), but some claim it tastes artificial.

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              I am leaning toward Caffe Paradiso. I fifure if they make it weekly it's all good. I won't be able to make it until a Friday though. Darn.

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                I've never been a pistachio fan, but someone recently recommended that flavor at my favorite gelato place, Dolce Freddo. I had some there Saturday and wow, was it good. Nice roasted, complex flavor, I'll definitely be getting that again. The owner was working and said it's his second most popular flavor after chocolate. It's kind of a hike up to Methuen (and now he also has a branch in Newburyport) but try it if you can. Also don't miss one of the caramel flavors, the slightly burnt flavor is as wonderful as the pistachio roasting.

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                  Anyone had any good with the better weather.

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                    The limone at Dolce Freddo is also excellent. My daughter gets it every time - nicely tart and refreshing.