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Apr 25, 2010 12:57 PM

Anyone been to Nini's Bistro in New haven?

This has been on my "to try" list and i'm wondering if anyone has feedback, good or bad? thanks

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  1. I admit that it's been a while since we've gone (having a toddler has cramped our style in this regard) but we always thought Nini's was one of the best restaurants in New Haven... wonderful food, very reasonable prices, and, if she's still working there, one of the best waitresses around, Laurie...

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      Laurie is still there. Nini's is one of the best deals in New Haven and we have never had a bad meal.

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        Nini's remains one of our "go-to" restaurants in New Haven. Chef Stu (a frequent poster here) comes up with interesting menu choices and does them very well. Not only is it a relative bargain, but the fact that it is BYOB only enhances the experience, as it allows us to bring bottles from our collection that we would never order at normal restaurant mark-ups.

    2. I also like Nini's. The menu changes every couple of weeks, so we like to peruse the Web site every so often and see what's offered. If we're intrigued, we go.

      The manu is eclectic for sure, with some Asian-influenced dishes combined with brasserie-style fare and steaks. I especially like the fish selections, sometimes including some species I've never tried before.

      The portions are on the small side per plate, but there's many courses available, so it's good for volume eaters. The dishes tend to be rich, so it's good for people who like to taste lots of different things. The BYOB option is great, as others have mentioned. We also like the fresh-baked bread and the leisurely pace of the service.

      My one criticism is that most of the offerings tend to be very rich. I just can't eat like that anymore. So I don't drop in on a whim as often as I used to.

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          1. food was excellent. Portion size was very good. I was full when I left, always a good sign. Service very attentive. Down point, if there had to be one, would be that who ever takes the reservations over the phone should be more customer friendly. Just a note for ya, this is the first impression that the customer has. I think they also do some off premise catering. If I'm wrong then correct me. I attended a wedding last summer and someone said that they catered the event.

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              they do cater. I went to a function they did a few years ago and the food was awful. I've heard the restaurant food is better.