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Apr 25, 2010 12:56 PM

What happened to Chaparral Patio?

My husband and I have always been fans of their tacos. I know they opened a mid-city location, but we go to the "booth" at the gas station on South Claiborne. We went about three weeks ago, and they had moved inside the gas station (where the Chicken/Deli place was). They seemed to have less food/options, so we passed then. When we went back this week (twice) the store was closed. Also, coming back from jazz fest yesterday, I could have sworn I saw a new taco place in their old building.

My question: What happened to Chaparral Patio?

If they are gone, where can I get tacos (after 7 p.m.) in a neighborhood somewhere near Uptown. I don't mind going to midcity, but street food and tacos get cold so fast that we can never get them home fast enough.

Help. I need tacos very badly.

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  1. Felipe's on Calhoun and Claiborne does a pretty decent job of "truck style tacos." Not the same bargain, but open til 9pm. My wife and I both like the burritos. Give them a try.