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Brazilian BBQ in NJ In Monmouth County?

Any know of any in Monmouth county?

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  1. The one in Manasquan closed a couple months ago.

    1. Rodeio Grill & Restaurant

      (732) 571-4800
      West Long Branch
      78 Oceanport Ave
      West Long Branch, NJ 07764

      Ate there ages ago. It's classic Brazilian BBQ. Not sure if it's still opened, but you can give them a call. Eat until your head falls off.

      Rodeio Grill and Restaurant
      78 Oceanport Ave, West Long Branch, NJ 07764

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      1. re: Heidi61

        It's still open, but it's not very good. Lots and lots of salty, over-cooked meat that runs to the lukewarm with a really unappealing formica and fluorescent ambiance. But, yes, eat until your head falls off, exactly right.

        1. re: Deb Van D

          Wow! We were there Sat Lunch and had such the EXACT opposite experience. The food was juicy, tender, hot, off the flame walk to the table hot. I've dined at Fogo de chao at different locations and while the salad bar in no way can compete, the meat was good.
          While I might say, the 'diner style" tables and chairs were just that, the hospitality was so great! It was all we love our homestyle and want you to love it too.

          I recommend it definately.

          1. re: Quine

            I’m glad that your experience was better than ours. And “diner style” sounds like a pretty fair representation. Maybe churrascaria isn’t really my thing, but while I haven't eaten at Fogo de Chao, I have enjoyed Churrascaria Plataforma on a few occasions—and, sure, there is no comparing the salad bar.

            If you liked the vibe and the food then maybe others will, too, and appreciate it more than I did.

            1. re: Quine

              I also ate at the Brazilian BBQ off of Oceanport in Long Branch and had a nice time. The food was good and the atmosphere was nice.

            2. re: Deb Van D

              Yes indeed. The food was cheap and it tasted cheap. Dried out chewy meat whose predominant flavor was salt. I love cheap ethnic places when they're good and I've posted about Acapulquenos multiple times.

              The problem with Rodeio is that it's cheap and *still* not worth it.

          2. Matawan BBQ right across from the train station lot.

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            1. re: eleeper

              Matawan BBQ was closed today (Monday). Since their normal closing day is Tuesday, I don't know if this means they've gone bust or not.

            2. Why hasn't anyone mentioned Pazeo? I haven't gotten there yet, but it has had consistently very good reviews. It's on Jolene, not far from Rodeio.

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              1. re: cantkick

                Ok, I am bringing this back from the dead to write a real review. I figured after all the service over the years, I owe this place a good review.

                First off, for anyone who who said the meat is salty, that is the point here Copernicus. This is how they eat meat. If you don't like salty food cooked with charcoal, you are in the wrong spot. For carnivores like me, this place is a regular spot in my rotation. I really enjoy it and keep coming back for a good time.

                I have been here literally dozens of times over the years. For those who haven't been, its BYOB and the rodizio is 18.95. For the price, you can chow down and if you know what to look for you can eat like a champ!

                To start, if you are after a trendy place to take a date, this is not the spot. If you want beautiful decor like some of the newark places (ie Fernandes upstairs), this is not the spot. If you want to hammer some serious food for a good price and kick back a few beers, this is the spot!

                Unlike a few of the uneducated comments above, I will tell you the truth. The meat can be ordered how you like it. If you want well done meat, ask them. If you want it rare, ask them. They will bring it around to you and accomodate you. The cuts come out cooked differently so anyone who says "all the meat was dry" has no clue....sorry.

                As for the cuts...

                top sirloin: the quitessential cut of their diet. I love it rare and the outside smoky and salty piece....a great cut and recommended. I could literally just eat this the entire night.

                chicken legs: great....don't know how they get the flavor but these are epic. My buddy goes there and just eats these LOL

                short ribs: most of the time not great. They don't cook them long enough and slow enough most of the time. I have had some good batches but they consistently let me down on this cut. Rate them a C.

                Sausage: I give it a B, not great but I usually get a link

                Pork Ribs: very good and recommend

                Skirt steak, my favorite of the entire place....flavorful and full of charcoal goodness...slice it thinly and you are in for a treat.

                Pork Loin, recently they stopped serving this which was a mistake. The loin was killer. Due to the pork falling off the skewers into the fire when widdle down, they opted for "chunks" of pork which are OK but the loin was way better.

                Brisket, cheap cut and I pass on that cut.

                Roast beef, cheaper cut and I pass on that too (had both and recommend eating better sirloing and skirt)

                Chicken hearts, don't eat

                ham, don't eat reguarly since I indulge on better meat.

                Chicken wrapped in bacon, very good but this particular one they tend to dry out sometimes

                Sirloin wrapped in bacon, also a good choice.

                So if you know what to eat, you can do real well. Pass on the cuts you don't want. Obviously some of the cheaper choices, such as chicken and sausage, they will bring around a few times. This is how all the places do it. Just know what to ask for, what to eat, and you will enjoy this place. I have been to Fernandes, Iberia, Rio22, Fogo De Chao, etc. etc. I am a rodizio veteran LOL

                This place is a great value and if you love meat, check this out. PS, yes I have been to Pezao and Port Chop multiple times. They are not all you can eat but decent. I still recommend the Rodeio Grill. It can get busy so bear with the meat servers and enjoy a cocktail.

                Rodeio Grill and Restaurant
                78 Oceanport Ave, West Long Branch, NJ 07764

                1. re: corvette johnny

                  I guess my name must be Copernicus because I said the meat at Rodeio is salty.

                  It's also chewy and dried out. You may like it that way but it doesn't change the fact that it is the way it is.

                  My benchmark for good Brazilian grills is Churrascaria Plataforma in Manhattan where the meat is much better and the salt level considerably lower.

                  I stand by what I said in my original post - Rodeio is cheap and *still* not worth the money.

                  1. re: corvette johnny

                    I think the key to most restaurants is finding the couple things they do best, and it's important to know what's worth getting.

                    I go here somewhat regularly also, and the problem is that the doneness of the meat varies a LOT depending on when you go. If you're into pink meat, the only one worth getting is the top sirloin, and ask for the rarest cut they have. Otherwise you will most likely get dried out meat, no matter which one you go for.

                    Not a problem for me though because my favorite thing to get is chicken hearts. Mmm Brazillian chicken hearts. Their sausage is decent also.

                    And yes, it's salty but Brazillian Q is generally pretty salty in my experience.

                    Bob, are you really comparing Pezao to Plataforma? That's like saying Murphy's steaks suck compared to Peter Luger. Try going to plataforma with 12 bucks and see what you can get on your plate...

                    p.s. A new brazillian Q joint opened on Broadway...looks promising. I'll check it out and report back. With the Brazillian population we have in Long Branch eventually someone's gotta get it right.

                    p.p.s. Edit: Just realized you guys are actually talking about two different places. But either way, comparing ANYTHING in Long Branch to Plataforma just ain't playin' fair...

                    1. re: joonjoon

                      "Bob, are you really comparing Pezao to Plataforma? That's like saying Murphy's steaks suck compared to Peter Luger. Try going to plataforma with 12 bucks and see what you can get on your plate..."

                      That reminds me of an old Playboy cartoon. Two sailors are in a seedy dance hall looking out at the dance floor. The room is full of soldiers and sailors dancing with pigs in dresses. One sailor is looking unhappy.

                      The other sailor sailor turns to him and says "What did you expect for a dime a dance?"

                      I'm not exactly a stranger to South American steakhouses. In Manhattan I've been to Azul and Argentine Pavillion, in Brooklyn to Chimu and Tabare, in Queens to La Fusta and La Portena. All are cheaper than Plataforma (which has become overpriced) but far better than Rodeio.

                      Nobody likes a cheap meal better than me but I've still got my standards. In Long Branch, Mexican or Portuguese would be the way to go.

                      La Fusta
                      1110 Tonnelle Ave, North Bergen, NJ 07047

                      1. re: Bob Martinez

                        Hey Bob, to be clear, I'm not doubting your taste in South American steakhouses, or your penchant for cheap & tasty food. (Anyone who puts White Castle in their top 5 is really speaking my language!) However, I generally don't find it fruitful to compare NJ restaurants to NYC, since you can almost always find something better and cheaper there.

                        Going back to the original topic, I'm a fan of a good BBBQ, and interested in sifting through the joints in Long Branch to hopefully find a winner.

                        I personally have not tried Rodeio so I really can't comment anyway. They've been around for a while now so I figured they would at least be decent. Have you been to Pezao? Just curious how the two places compare.

                        1. re: joonjoon

                          I haven't been to Pezao so I can't help you. There was another Brazilian restaurant that I went to on Broadway, right across the street from Freddy's (I love that place), which I thought was a better than Rodeio but not all that great either. (It's since closed.)

                          I hope you find some good BBBQ in Long Branch. It's certainly possible. Take some decent meat (it doesn't have to be great, decent will do), cook it competently, season it a bit, maybe serve some chimichurri on the side, and I'll be there!

                2. So I gave Rodeio Grill and Restaurant a try with the family. Comparing this place to Platforma is like comparing a Camaro to a Ferrari. They both have their place but are in totally different leagues.

                  It was middle of the road. Not over the top good but not terrible either. The good, medium rare top sirloin, the bacon wrapped fillet Mignon, the chicken, the sausage and the pork ribs. The bad the short ribs, brisket and any cut that requires long, slow, and low cooking. The sides were decent. For $50 with a generous +20% tip, I can't complain. My 6 and 4 year old ate for free. I am still hankering for Platforma but this should hold me off until I can get there.

                  Rodeio Grill and Restaurant
                  78 Oceanport Ave, West Long Branch, NJ 07764

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                  1. re: angelo04

                    Yes, Platforma is the Fine dining but Rodeio Grill is like the diner, Agreed. Can't do Platfoma often and it is a good ways drive away, so when I need my Fix, this works.

                    Rodeio Grill and Restaurant
                    78 Oceanport Ave, West Long Branch, NJ 07764

                  2. Does anyone know of a rodizio or bbbq place in Middlesex/Somerset county? There was one in Bound Brook but it looks to be closed now.

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                    1. re: chuck98

                      As an update, Mauricio sold Rodeio Grill but the new owners have not changed much. The fries are different and the rice is a tad different but still good.

                      The price is STILL 18 dollars! I can't get over that. I have been going to this place for probably 8 years strong and their price has not been raised a dime! Kudos to them for that! Considering a single skirt steak now costs me about 10.00 to eat at home plus the cost of charcoal and time, this place is a really good deal when you think about it. And that is without and side dishes.

                      I have been a few times recently. They have a new waiter actually from Pezao that is top notch. He is really friendly and will get you good cuts if let him know what you want.

                      And angelo04 is correct, steer clear of the brisket and roastbeef. The short ribs can be hit or miss...normally a miss but one that they do get right are really good.

                      For those that asked about Pezao, it is pretty good but you pay by the pound. So if you are a big eater you can end up spending a decent amount. You pay by the pound for everything so if you load up on rice, you are paying more than you should.

                      Rodeio did away with the large pork loin which used to be great! They now have smaller cubes of pork which just lack the juice, smoky flavor and and tenderness of the thinly cut loin.
                      Anyway, for 18 bucks I still continue to support this place regularly. long live the carnivores!

                      Any new rodizio spots around?

                      1. re: corvette johnny

                        Hey Johnny,

                        AFAIK, Pezao also has an all you can eat option.

                        My go-to spot for rodizio in the area is Sabor on Brighton. They charge something like 7.50/lb and with the way I eat I can usually get out of there for under 10 bucks. They have a weird pricing scheme - the /lb price goes up when you get skirt steak. I stick to picanha and chicken hearts there.

                      2. re: chuck98

                        chuck, there is a place called rio22 on route 22 in union I think. That might be close enough. I went there once. I would go there more but it is kind of a hike for me.

                        JoonJoon, do they serve dinner there too? Is it still per pound for dinner too?

                        1. re: corvette johnny

                          They serve the same buffet all day I think, and it's always offered per lb. All you can eat is 24 bucks or something but at 7.50/lb it's hard to eat that much..

                          1. re: corvette johnny

                            Corvette Johnny, are you on the Corvette forum and if so did you partake in Mr. Mojo's annual crab run?

                            1. re: angelo04

                              yes I am a member. I do some cruises but I missed the crab run. It sounds like a cool time. Any new NJ cruises coming up?

                              1. re: corvette johnny

                                Have not heard anything, check in on the northeast forum, there is talk of a philly cheesesteak run in late July - (AC04 over there)

                        2. Alright guys, I'm Brazilian and I eat often at all of these restaurants, so here's a run down of the BEST BBQ in LB.

                          Rodeio - Used to be the best, but they changed cooks, and it's still okay, but not the best anymore.
                          Pezao on Joline - pretty good. I like their salad bar better than anything else. Their meat is pretty okay
                          Sabor Brazil on West End - The best one right now for BBQ. Their meat is the tastiest! However, I do like Pezao's food better than Sabor Brazil. I feel like Pezao had more variety for the buffet. But if you like meat, this is the best place.
                          ObaOba on Broadway- pretty okay. Not the best
                          DeSousa's - Broadway across from Tatoo parlor. This is the hidden gems of the Brazilians! This is where we go when we want to eat good, sit-down food! The buffet is pretty extensive, but there is no place to order meat off the skewers, you gotta read the menu for the meat. The picanha na chapa is the absolute best thing ever! It comes with big pieces of top quality meat, perfectly seasoned right on the gril (think Chilli's fajita syle). Amazing.

                          So if you don't speak portuguese and are looking for a good BBQ meat experience, i'd say head on over to Sabor Brazil. There's a brazilian supermarket right next door if you are curious to see some Brazilian goodies. The supermarket has a butcher in the back and if you ask for custs of meat already seasoned, they will make it for you if you want to BBQ your own meat with Brazilian flavors :)

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                          1. re: becca88222

                            WOW! Thanks for such a great round-up and review, plus a few tricks of the trade!!!!

                            1. re: becca88222

                              Stopped at Sabor Brazil yesterday for lunch just to see if it was still up to standards. Had sirloin, skirt steak, beef rib, bacon chicken, and sausage. It was all good, chicken was maybe a little dry. It was busy, almost everyone was speaking Portuguese. Will have to try the market the next time as bbq season is coming up.

                              Vikingfru had the flan which apparently was outstanding as I didn't get a taste.

                              I'd go back for sure, sirloin was lip smackin good.

                              1. re: vikingkaj

                                I go to Sabor every other month or so; for me it takes me back to a bunch of wonderful places in Minas Gerais.

                                And my Daughter always insists that I resupply her with Guarana from the market next door.

                                1. re: vikingkaj

                                  Shredded collards, rare picanha (sirloin), chicken hearts, Brazilian hot sauce, guarana. That's my idea of a good time.

                                  1. re: joonjoon

                                    I was there for lunch myself today - thanks to this thread having popped back up recently. Didn't see (or at least recognize) any chicken hearts. Did manage an almost thirty dollar plate. It's hard not to take some of so many things . . . .

                                    1. re: MGZ

                                      and the sausage, feijoada, other types of feijao...yum stuff all around.

                                      1. re: MGZ

                                        Umm...just so you know for next time...their AYCE option is 20 bucks or so. No need to pay 30 bucks for a plate!

                                        They ALWAYS have chicken hearts...ask for 'em!

                                        1. re: joonjoon

                                          yeah but i need to wash the coracoes de frango down with brahma :)

                                          1. re: Mr. Bingley

                                            Where can you find brahma in the area?

                                2. By the way, here's a trick that Brazilians ask for whenever they go to Rodeio to get good cheap food. Ask for a "prato feito" or a PF. It will come with rice, beans, salad, fries and assortment of meat for around $10. A "Meio PF" or a half of a "prato feito" is about 7bucks. It's enough food for my husband and I to eat.