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Apr 25, 2010 11:16 AM

Best Mixing Bowls?

Suggestions for mixing bowls? I have 2 sets of crappy metal ones from BBB or something and a set of Pyrex glass ones. None of them have any sort of handle which makes them irritating to use with a hand mixer.

Working on wedding registry and was wondering if it makes a difference to use stainless steel mixing bowls. There's an All-Clad set that at least has a handle, but it's $99 for 3 ss bowls.

I did register for a stand mixer but haven't gotten it yet. Here's hoping, but I'm still thinking it would be good to get mixing bowls with handles. Any suggestions about other cheaper bowls that have handles that I can get at Amazon, BBB, or Macy's? Or anyone who knows these All-Clad bowls are worth the money?


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  1. I love these Oxo mixing bowls. They're light & easy to handle, rubberized on the bottom for non-slip as you mix, beat & stir, have a pouring lip, go into d/w, stylish black & white...

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      I'm also a big fan of the OXO Mixing Bowls and the OXO Batter Bowl, which has a really nice handle - because they're plastic, they're nice and light too. I've pretty much put away the stainless steel and Pyrex bowls in favor of OXO, although when I need a mixing bowl with a lid, I still use my Pampered Chef batter bowls.

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        I also vote for Oxo. You won't be sorry!

      2. You don't need handles on a mixing bowl. If the hand mixer makes the bowl go everywhere, put a Silpat or a damp washcloth on the counter and the bowl won't go anywhere. Or just use a bigger bowl and hold on to the rim.

        For mixing bowls, I use the stainless steel ones from a restaurant supply store. They come in any size you could imagine from mise en place bowls to 7 gallon monsters, and are very reasonably priced. $99 for three stainless bowls is a pure rip-off. The same set of bowls from my local restaurant supply costs about $8, all because they don't have the All-Clad name on them.

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        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          Thanks, I figured they were a rip-off. I get that you might want All-Clad for cooking, but I couldn't see why you'd need it to mix in!

          I'll add a couple plastic non-skid to my collection and then hunt down a restaurant supply store in the area for stainless ones.

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            I have a GIANT wide metal mixing bowl from a restaurant supply store and it's a godsend for when you need a large work bowl. It also makes tossing salads a breeze. As for bowls used for baking, I see little reason to have smaller ones, so I'd avoid sets and just get a few ceramic, pyrex, or metal bowls that are on the large side. Maybe two cheap stainless steel bowls and one nice ceramic bowl for serving.

          2. I second recommendation for the OXO rubberized bottom bowls, they are fantastic. I also have a set of stainless for things that might stain the plastic OXO bowls.

            1. I am a fan of ceramic bowls. They are heavy enough that they don't waltz around on the counter. My favorite is a Gripstand. You can find them on eBay. I also like Mason Cash. They are not for people for whom weight is an issue, however, especially in the larger sizes.

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                  Love Mason Cash, but they're harder to find now.

                  1. re: emily

                    Amazon has them, as well as the white pudding bowls etc.

                2. I have both metal and ceramic - I only use the mixer in the metal one, and just stir up or toss/handmix in the ceramic.

                  I love the metal ones because they also double as a double boiler, they are inexpensive, and they are so easy to clean. I think I paid 2.50 each for the middle size ones at our local fleamarket kitchenware store. Also, they make a grand hat for the grandkids, with no worry of crashing.

                  The ceramic ones are great for pancake and waffle batters, mixing salads, and the smaller decorated ones are nice for family dinner serving bowls. I couldn't do without either the metal or ceramic.

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                    Little late in adding to this discussion. Ordered and spent a lot on a demeyere stainless steel bowl but it will be my forever, forever bowl for pressure cooker pot in pot etc. Because I had a neighbor looking for a two level spice turn table and not being able to find one anywhere, I stopped at a church seconds store and low and behold, there were two sets of 3 each stainless steel bowls. One set was .50 and the other $1. Of course when I came home, I checked and one set was Vollrath and the other just stainless steel/Korea. Someway I had bought about $35 plus worth of bowls for $1.50. So before you buy an expensive bowl or bowls, search your flea markets and used stores. All I had to do was put boiling hot water and soap in the bowls and soak in the sink and then in dishwasher. The two sets actually all fit together except for one and they are wide flat bottom bowls which work great for icings, beans/or other recipes in pressure cooker pan in pan cooking and so many other uses. And also there were a couple handle aluminum mixing bowls from thrown away mixer sets. Forgot to mention the best part.