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We went with friends to Erte for dinner last night. I had not been for a while. We started with some drinks. I had a Manhattan straight up which was well made but had not been chilled enough. For aps we had

BRISKET MINIWICH $9.5 three delicious mini brisket sandwiches served with your choice of house made horsey sauce and caramelized onions or our famous cowboy sauce, plus Eddie's refrigerator pickles


SQUASH BRUSCHETTA $9.5 roasted butternut squash and spinach gratin garnished with blue cheese and accompanied by crispy crostinis - incredible!

They were both great. I love their cowboy sauce with the brisket. The squash was very tasty and unique.

For dinner I went with the NY Strip. I was really impressed with the 16 oz steak that came perfectly prepared and covered with sauted Mushrooms. This was a $40 steak (at a steakhouse) for $25. I would guess the meat was prime but I do not know for sure.[

For dessert:

Key lime Pie and some kind of heavenly chocolate banana cream pie.

What a great value and great night out. My wife and I will be back.

323 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Only the sirloin is prime, but I agree that Erte steaks are a great value.

    323 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN