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Apr 25, 2010 11:11 AM

Lunching in Lynn?

I have a friend who works in Lynn and we're going to try meeting up for lunch semi-regularly. She has spent time in Argentina and is fluent in Spanish, so I'm thinking we'll start with some sort of Central/South American places before we move on to some Asian places. We'll have a pretty adventurous 3 year old along with us as well.

Suggestions? Here's what I've got so far from digging through older posts

Tacos Lupita (I've been to the one in Revere.. same owners, right?)
Pho Minh Ky
Cali Sandwiches

Other suggestions?

Lynn, MA, Lynn, MA

Pho Minh Ky
238 Union St, Lynn, MA 01901

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  1. Jamaica Flavor is quite tastey. The place isn't much to look at, but I've always liked the food when I had it.

    Jamaica Flavor
    121 Pleasant St, Lynn, MA 01902

      1. D'Leomar, and another place across the street, both serve excellent Dominican food. Neither is much for ambiance but the food rocks.

        D'Leomar Restaurant‎228 Union Street, Lynn, MA 01901-1315(781) 595-6114‎

        1. Here's a link to the dining posts on another Lynn blog.

          1. Lunch today was Fernando's on Munroe St. it seems to be a true mom and pop shop, and the chef came out after we ate to check on us, which is always a nice touch. The 2 women working the counter were also very friendly.

            This is a tiny shop- 3 tables and some counter seating, serving breakfast and lunch. We tried the blueberry muffin, which was really excellent- moist, with a slightly crisp top and packed with blueberries. It is made in house, as are their other baked goods, according to the chef-- mostly breads from what I saw.

            The avocado salad is enormous- iceberg lettuce topped with large chunks of tomatoes and slices of avocado and topped with red onion. It was dressed with a sweet honey-poppyseed dressing, which wasn't to my taste, but other than that it was a great salad. If I ordered this again I'd ask if they had different dressings, or just ask for some oil and vinegar.

            I had a taste of the tortilla soup, which was creamy and seemed to have red peppers in it. It didn't come with the advertised fried tortilla strips. I thought it was fine, definitely tasted homemade. My friend had a chicken salad sandwich, which seemed to be a pretty standard mayo-dressed salad served on a half pita.

            The real winner, hands down, was the Cuban sandwich. It takes a little while to make but is oh so well worth it. Real home-roasted shredded pork, topped with a slice of ham, cheese, some kind of mayo and mustard, pressed on a cuban roll. Oddly it was missing the traditional pickles, and while it was lovely as it was, in all its rich, porky glory, the pickles would have been nice to cut the richness a bit.

            I found more info Googling and ended on on the blog Northshoregirl pointed to above, and this link gives a bit more info on the owner/chef, Juan Gonzalez:

            The other sandwich offerings seemed pretty standard, but if they're all done as well as the cubano, then it's definitely worth more chow exploration. Their breakfast menu mentioned a "Guatemelan Breakfast" and I'm not sure what that is but maybe it's a tip to where the chef may hail from? At any rate, that article seems to point to an ambitious chef and I really hope we get to see more from him.

            We're going to make a semi-regular lunch date so I'll update as we go, and would love to hear more recommendations!

            23 Munroe St, Lynn, MA 01901