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Lunching in Lynn?

I have a friend who works in Lynn and we're going to try meeting up for lunch semi-regularly. She has spent time in Argentina and is fluent in Spanish, so I'm thinking we'll start with some sort of Central/South American places before we move on to some Asian places. We'll have a pretty adventurous 3 year old along with us as well.

Suggestions? Here's what I've got so far from digging through older posts

Tacos Lupita (I've been to the one in Revere.. same owners, right?)
Pho Minh Ky
Cali Sandwiches

Other suggestions?

Lynn, MA, Lynn, MA

Pho Minh Ky
238 Union St, Lynn, MA 01901

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  1. Jamaica Flavor is quite tastey. The place isn't much to look at, but I've always liked the food when I had it.

    Jamaica Flavor
    121 Pleasant St, Lynn, MA 01902

      1. D'Leomar, and another place across the street, both serve excellent Dominican food. Neither is much for ambiance but the food rocks.

        D'Leomar Restaurant‎228 Union Street, Lynn, MA 01901-1315(781) 595-6114‎

        1. Here's a link to the dining posts on another Lynn blog.


          1. Lunch today was Fernando's on Munroe St. it seems to be a true mom and pop shop, and the chef came out after we ate to check on us, which is always a nice touch. The 2 women working the counter were also very friendly.

            This is a tiny shop- 3 tables and some counter seating, serving breakfast and lunch. We tried the blueberry muffin, which was really excellent- moist, with a slightly crisp top and packed with blueberries. It is made in house, as are their other baked goods, according to the chef-- mostly breads from what I saw.

            The avocado salad is enormous- iceberg lettuce topped with large chunks of tomatoes and slices of avocado and topped with red onion. It was dressed with a sweet honey-poppyseed dressing, which wasn't to my taste, but other than that it was a great salad. If I ordered this again I'd ask if they had different dressings, or just ask for some oil and vinegar.

            I had a taste of the tortilla soup, which was creamy and seemed to have red peppers in it. It didn't come with the advertised fried tortilla strips. I thought it was fine, definitely tasted homemade. My friend had a chicken salad sandwich, which seemed to be a pretty standard mayo-dressed salad served on a half pita.

            The real winner, hands down, was the Cuban sandwich. It takes a little while to make but is oh so well worth it. Real home-roasted shredded pork, topped with a slice of ham, cheese, some kind of mayo and mustard, pressed on a cuban roll. Oddly it was missing the traditional pickles, and while it was lovely as it was, in all its rich, porky glory, the pickles would have been nice to cut the richness a bit.

            I found more info Googling and ended on on the blog Northshoregirl pointed to above, and this link gives a bit more info on the owner/chef, Juan Gonzalez: http://www.downtownlynn.com/2010/03/s...

            The other sandwich offerings seemed pretty standard, but if they're all done as well as the cubano, then it's definitely worth more chow exploration. Their breakfast menu mentioned a "Guatemelan Breakfast" and I'm not sure what that is but maybe it's a tip to where the chef may hail from? At any rate, that article seems to point to an ambitious chef and I really hope we get to see more from him.

            We're going to make a semi-regular lunch date so I'll update as we go, and would love to hear more recommendations!

            23 Munroe St, Lynn, MA 01901

            1. Golden Lake on Bennett street has wonderful Thai food, very authentic and fresh. Jamaica's is also a great option but not really for a sit down meal. As far as Tacos Lupita's has great food but I do not think it is the same owners as Revere. I seem to remember a past thread that the Revere location changed owners recently. For a hearty American meal at a good price, try the Porthole pub on the Lynnway. Very kid friendly and the food is consistent. Try the fried pickles!

              Golden Lake Restaurant
              38 Bennett St, Lynn, MA 01905

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                golden lake was a cambodian restaurant. they closed last year. a new cambodian restaurant named angkor wat has opened in it's place

              2. la fe
                jamaica's flavor
                el pulgarcito
                rincon macorisano
                taqueria mexico

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                  Thanks galangatron, I know you're the resident Lynn expert! Well, you and StriperGuy!

                  Rincon Macorisano caught my eye since it's right around the corner from my friend's office and I hadn't heard much about it here. I can't get their menu on http://www.rinconmacorisanorestaurant... and all I can get from the site is that it's Latin and they serve mofongo.

                  Oooh El Pulgarcito has pupusas, which I've been craving lately http://www.allmenus.com/ma/lynn/22946...

                  Jamaica's Flavor http://jamaicasflavor.tripod.com/ has patties, which I love... The lack of sit-down-ability isn't really a problem because we can eat in my friend's office if need be.

                  StriperGuy- any specific recs for D'Leomar? I can't find much on them by Googling. I saw a mention in your La Fe review that you'd been to D'Leomar recently but if there was a review I couldn't find it.

                  Nice thread on La Fe here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/643731 and that pernil al horno sounds like something I have to try.

                  Taqueria Mexico caught my attention driving by... wish they had a menu on their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lynn-MA... but is it the same as Taqueria Mexico in Waltham? http://www.taqueriamexico.com/menu.html I know I've heard people raving about them (in Waltham) for years.

                  I can't find much on Topacio http://www.allmenus.com/ma/lynn/23667... although mmmmm more pupsas! From the Yelp reviews, it sounds like this is a place my Spanish-speaking friend will come in handy.

                  Thanks all!

                  La Fe Restaurant
                  189 Union St, Lynn, MA 01901

                  Rincon Macorisano
                  350 Washington St, Lynn, MA 01902

                  Topacio Restaurants
                  180 Union St, Lynn, MA 01901

                  1. re: Chris VR

                    At D'Leomar just eat any of the meaty stuff from the hot table at lunch. You won't be disappointed.

                    1. re: Chris VR

                      Chris Rincon Macorisano is a Dominican restaurant and the name refers to the town of San Francisco de Macoris or maybe San Pedro de Macoris. I had assumed it was the former, but their menu is heavily seafood oriented and the latter is a port city so was meaning to ask. But its means Macorisan corner restaurant. I think its the nicest (more sit-down) Dominican restaurant in Lynn and I was satisfied enough with my one meal there, but have been holding off returning for a more family outing. I have done a fair bit more chowing at Rincon Criollo on Union -- keep in mind its mostly a bar and at some hours the clientele is almost exclusively male, but it does have families. They have a large menu (most of it handwritten sometimes overlapping the printed menu -- which I order off of), not all of it perfectly executed, but good for stews, beef dishes, meat beans... seafood so far is 50/50. I haven't tried Cali Sandwiches, but have been to La Casa del Chimi (Chestnut, near Union) which would probably have similar foods. The latter is just a 4-seat counter, somewhat improvised kitchen, selling chimis and other sandwiches, pernil, chicharon, rotisserie chicken, and pasteles. They also have several stewed dishes in a warming tray. I thought the seasoning on most things was pretty good (the chivo was quite good as well as other guisados), although the chicharron was disappointing. I wanted to go back for the sandwiches, chicken, maybe a bistec encebollado made to order, but its more stick to the ribs food with lots of sazon instead of fresh seasonings.

                      I also had a fairly disappointing Salvadoran experience in Lynn (on our around commercial st), so mostly eat that in Chelsea where there are much better options. Sounds like there were some promising things in your meal, but I probably wouldn't go back either (your experience almost tracks mine at San Filipe in Chelsea which I won't go back to). Did Pulgarcito serve flap meat for the steak? Surprised their mix plate didn't come with a fried plantain with crema. Some Salvadoran restaurants serve a version of salsa borracha which could explain the taste or it could just be off. The house-made gorditas are pretty common in Salvadoran restaurants (just about any that makes their own pupusas), but since they are made with dried masa sometimes they can be fresh and not taste so. BTW, what you described is common with salvadoran chicarron -- it tends to be cut thinner than columbian (which tends to do better with the skin/fat) and much thinner than Dominican which tends to do better with the meat. I have eaten a lot of Salvadoran chicarron because of dining companions, but it mostly tends towards over-tough skin and dried meat, sometimes being overseasoned (a few actually serve slab bacon). Properly fried yuca should be fairly light and not so oily, but a lot of it depends on the raw material: the frozen stuff can be very heavy and some fresh will never get tender. Its a lot more starchy than potato, sometimes it almost has a chaulky texture. BTW, at Dominican places don't overlook chicharron de pollo which some hounds forget about when faced with large chunks of fried pork... its just as much a caribbean specialty and often times better than the puerco.

                      Rincon Macorisano
                      350 Washington St, Lynn, MA 01902

                      1. re: itaunas

                        Thanks for the excellent feedback (as always). I believe it was flap meat used for the steak and yes, I was surprised not to have any plantains on the plate either.

                  2. In addition to all of the other places mentioned, I would also suggest heading to 3 Yolks on Western Ave. They also serve lunch and when we were there last week the specials looked tempting enough that some of us seriously considered hanging out until lunch. Basic diner/comfort food.

                    3 Yolks
                    1103 Western Ave, Lynn, MA 01905

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                    1. re: El Guapo

                      I used to like 3 Yolks when they were in Revere, and almost headed there for biscuits and gravy a few weeks ago. Thanks for the reminder!

                      3 Yolks
                      1103 Western Ave, Lynn, MA 01905

                    2. We checked out El Pulgarcito. It was a bit of an odd experience, maybe they don't get much lunch trade or maybe the waitress was just in a bad mood because she had the place to herself and we ruined her solitude or maybe she really couldn't understand a thing we were saying, but it was a very odd vibe. The telenovella on the TV was blaring quite loud and even at our table of to the side we had a bit of a hard time hearing each other.

                      I asked if they had horchata and even with my bad accent, I thought it was pretty understandable. She asked "Que?" and I repeated it, and she still looked clueless. My friend repeated it for a third time with a better accent and although she still looked confused, she wandered off and came back with some, along with a bottle of water for my friend and my little one picked a Jarritos soda from the case.

                      I ordered a pupusa and tamale for my little one. The tamale never showed up but the pupusa did and was passable- a bit burnt on one side, which didn't sit well with her.

                      I had the Mix Plate Pulgarsito which consisted of some grilled steak (very good), fried yucca (which I've never had, is starchy and dry the norm?), chicharones (about half were good, the other half were fried to the point of dessication), Pupusa (also a bit burnt but I was OK with it), a couple of shrimp (nothing special) and some fried tortilla chips (good). I'm drawing a blank on the name of what my friend had but it was a plate with a mountain of rice, some stewed meat, a few fried plantains and a sad looking green salad. The meal was served with a plate of very tasty thick tortillas (presumably homemade) and a jug of some kind of homemade salsa, which I liked on the first taste but the second taste was a bit fizzy/fermenty so it made me nervous it was a bit past its expiration date so I passed on any more.

                      Total was $30 which felt pretty reasonable. Given the odd vibe, though, I probably won't make this a priority to return.

                      Restaurante El Pulgarcito
                      730 Western Ave, Lynn, MA 01905