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Apr 25, 2010 09:11 AM

Sunday Sandwich?

Looking for suggestions on where to grab a great sandwich or sub today. Many of my usual go to places (LaGrassas, Al's State Street, J. Pace, Cheddars, Nellios) are closed on Sunday.

I am working from a Cambridge starting point, and willing to travel a bit. I will be over in the Chestnut Hill area later, so anything in that direction would be a bonus.

I am off Bob's lately. Not a fan of ASSBar. Darwins is just OK in my book and not what I am looking for. Hi Rise is a typical Sunday, go to and I am looking for something different.

Maybe Bottega Fiorentina in Brookline? All suggestions are apprecated.

Al's State Street Cafe
110 State St, Boston, MA 02109

Bottega Fiorentina
313B Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446

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  1. Maybe Baker's Best in Newton Highlands? I love their sandwiches.
    I think Bottega is also a good idea.

    1. Go to Russo's, get your shopping done, pick up a sandwich from the deli and then head out to that park that runs along the river on California Street for some al fresco dining on a day that's turning out to be considerably nicer than advertised!

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        Russos is a great suggestion. I always forget how good their sandwiches are. I have maybe the best veggie wrap I have ever eaten from there recently. Unfortunatley we discussed going there do the shopping earlier, and my wife reminded me that I vowed never again on Sunday. I really don't have the patience for the crowd there at peak times now, and my feet can only take being run over by so many carts. I try to hit to hit it on week days, or first thing after opening on weekends.

        I made myself hungry writing the OP, so I didn't have much time to wait for replies. I eyed Ruben's on the way by, but I wanted both meat and cheese today. I ended up at Bottega, and am enjoying an execllent roast beef sub with everything. Nice rare RB, and all meat, cheese and veggies came fresh off the slicer. Not a bad value for $6.75. I forget how much I like their subs.