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Apr 25, 2010 07:51 AM

Toasted Parm! What now?

Yesterday I made myself a fried tuna sandwich. As I stood there, looking at the hot pan with residual heat, I glanced over at my container of "parmesan" cheese, and before I knew it I had a small pile of it in the pan. I thought of a clip on good eats where Alton had taken piles of real parmesan and toasted them in the oven to make chips. Needless to say, cheap powder "cheese" does not act the same. It toasted, but did not retain it's shape. Nevertheless, the smell was wonderful, cheesy and toasty, and made a wonderful topping for my sandwich.

On a whim I toasted up some (cheapie powdered) more parmesan, to share. At first as it heated up, it took on that characteristic wonky orange colour before toasting prettily. Last night I used it with some sharp cheddar in some macaroni and cheese, and it was rather tasty

Now it sits, in the fridge, in an old pesto jar, awaiting it's next application. What would you do with toasted "parmesan"? I'm thinking of making some around christmas to give out.

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  1. For Christmas gifts I'd use the real thing; drape the disks of cheese over a juice glass so they harden into a nice shape as they cool.

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      oooh, maybe I could make little flat ones to package as chips! Do you know how long they keep? And can you do it without a silicone mat? I'm poor-ish (hence the fake powdered parm, which I have developed a taste for alongside the real thing..... like real and fake chicken. Both good, but they don't taste like the same food item)

    2. Isn't this just frico? Google the term "frico" and you'll get more ideas than you'll know what to do with.

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        It would be like crumbled up frico. The cheap powdered (yet still tasty in it's own right IMO) cheese doesn't hold together at all. I'm thinking of tossing some with browned potatoes or popcorn next.

        I would like to try making frico with real parmesan too :)

        1. re: Popkin

          I would imagine Grana Padano would work, and be cheaper than Parmigiano Reggiano.

        2. re: rockycat

          You're right rockycat, the OP is just making frico using a frying pan instead of the oven. I've done both, but prefer using the oven with a silpat.