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Apr 25, 2010 07:42 AM

Need recipe for Bucerias/Puerto Vallarta street vendors grilled chicken

I have been searching and searching for a recipe for the chicken street vendors sell in Bucerias. They marinate the chicken and than grill it. You purchase the whole chicken and usually receive some corn tortillas on the side. Please help if you know what the marinate or seasonings are!

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  1. Here is a recipe from Chiapas that may be a good starting point. Remove the breast
    bone by cutting down on both sides. Butterfly the chicken. Apply a rub composed of
    a teaspoon of "Achiote paste" which you get from a mexican store. A teaspoon of red
    pepper. I like New Mexico red pepper from Chimayo. A teaspoon of black pepper. 1/2
    teaspoon salt. 1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves. 1 teaspoon of vinegar.
    Rub chicken with mixture. Allow 1 hour for rub to penetrate. Grill chicken for 1hour
    and 15 minutes with the bone side down. This recipe was collected in the village of
    America Libre, Chiapas, Mexico
    Good luck
    Pablito el gordito

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    1. re: paul balbin

      Hmm. I've lived in Mexico forever (well, for 30 years...) and I've never seen a chicken spatchcocked--which is what you do when you remove the *backbone* to flatten the chicken on the grill--by removing the breastbone. It's *always* the backbone that's taken out. I've eaten hundreds of these chickens during my 30 years here.

      Pablo, are you certain that your informant said the breastbone?



      1. re: cristina

        The chicken was not spatchcocked. It was butterflied by removing the breast bone and
        leaving the back. I first ran into this method years ago in Japala, Veracruz.

    2. Here is the method I am describing... I have no idea what it is called in Spanish or English.
      I don't remember seeing it north of Xalapa.

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      1. Here's a link to the Rick Bayless recipe for (Sinoloa style) Roadside Chicken -

        I made this for the recent Memorial Day holiday and it's delicious and very close to the grill chicken you get in Mexico. I suspect this is probably pretty close to what you're looking for. Make it once as is and then tweak it to what you if you need to

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        1. re: DiningDiva

          DD- Thanks for the Bayless recipe- made it yesterday and was worried that the neighbors were going to hold me hostage because of the amazing smell coming off the backyard grill. Also happy to have chile ancho powder in the pantry- I think I like it more than the Spanish smoked paprika that I've been overdosing on for the last few years. It really is like the chicken I ate once upon a time in Jalisco.


          1. re: SaltyRaisins

            SR, I agree, this recipe is surprisingly good. I didn't have cloves so substituted a healthy pinch of allspice, which turned out really well too. The recipe is super simple, smells great when it's grilling and tastes even better! It does remind one of being in Mexico