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Apr 25, 2010 07:21 AM

Can anyone help me with a side dish?


I'm having a dinner party in a few weeks and I've got my main course all worked out. It's a Spicy Beef Tenderloin recipe from the Food Network ( I've made it before and it is absolutely delicious and it holds well once cooked, so good for a dinner party. When I've made it before, it was for an afternoon/casual BBQ where the sides were potato salad, fruit, etc. I need to find something to elevate it to dinner party status -- this will be a fairly fancy event. The recipe was featured on an episode titled "Mexican Fiesta" so that is what is stumping me. I'm planning to grill some vegetables, but I'm totally at a loss on a starch -- things I've considered are Baked Cheese Grits, Potatoes Gratin and Risotto. My additional challenge is that two of my guests are vegetarian, so the Risotto seems like a good fit for them, but doesn't seem like it "goes" with jalapeno spiced beef. Any suggestions out there?


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  1. Instead of risotto how about a Mexican rice? Tomatoes, chilies, cilantro, etc. Use Mexican seasonings on the roasted vegetables, or vegetable stuffed chilies, and serve a tossed green salad with avocado slices.

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    1. In keeping with the Mexican theme, what about some black beans? I do diced onions, jalapenos and red peppers and sautee for a bit, then add black beans to the mix and season with salt and pepper. It's really easy and filling and good! You can top it with some chopped avocado before serving.

      1. Or try a savory bread pudding; maybe with corn bread? Or an old southern favorite, spoonbread.

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          oh ya, a corn bread savory pudding!!!

        2. Israeli Cous Cous with grilled veggies is my favorite. I call it a pearl cous cous, not like your normal tiny granular looking stuff. It absorbs sauce so nicely, and the really makes grilled or roasted veggies shine. You can make it with chicken stock for additional flavor or add tomatoes, garlic and caramelized onions. Top with a dusting of Romano cheese and scallions.

          1. How about Mexican Rice stuffed Peppers? That would work well for the vegans in the group, as well as the rest of the guests.