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Apr 25, 2010 07:04 AM

Good monjayaki restaurant wanted!

Hi guys,

friends of mine from Kyoto want to eat Monjayaki, I'm not such a big fan. Been to a couple of places in Tsukishima and Koenji but I don't really remember the names also I don't really remember the food. So I was wondering: Do you have a recommendation for Monjayaki?


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  1. In Tsukishima I've been to Bambi a couple times, but I've never had a monja that was better or worse than the others. I think the go-walk-around approach is the winner, although it actually gets pretty crowded there on weekends.

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      I didn't enjoy my monja in Tsukishima - but I did have fun at Bamboom in nishi-azabu.
      I can't remember if they food was great, or if the nomihoudai was great but certainly remember that it was fun.

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        I agree with jem589. I've been to Tsukishima quite a few times, and each time I went to a different random place and don't remember one being particularly better than the other, in terms of both monja and okonomiyaki. They give you the batter and the ingredients... you make it yourself but they'll help you.

        Yeah I'm not a big fan of monjayaki either. But some of my relatives love it.

      2. "Good" and "monjayaki" is an oxymoron (unless sludge is your thing). Tokyo should admit they got it wrong, abolish monja and replace it by proper okonomiyaki. The atmosphere in many monjayaki places is great fun though and worth the experience.

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          I couldn't agree more, Asomaniac. Monjayaki looks like something the dog spit up and I want nothing to do with it. Okonomiyaki (Kansai-style only, please) is one of my favorite foods and monjayaki is such crap!

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            It's not authentic in any way, but the Mexican monja "Senorita" at Sakuratei in Harajuku is really good. Reminds me of 'burrito pie'