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Apr 25, 2010 05:52 AM

What are my options for local meat?

I've seen meat farm shares mentioned here before, and sometimes people show up to farmers' markets with meat, but these always seem to involve frozen cuts.

Can we make a master thread of all the places I can go to buy fresh chicken, beef, lamb, pork or eggs? Farms or their direct retail outlets are OK. Details regarding growing conditions, whether antibiotics are used, and choice of feed would be good to know. Bonus if vegetables are available at the same location, or nearby.

For me, the closer to Boston proper the better, though I assume I will have to make a significant trip to get to most farms.

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  1. Thank you for asking this! After seeing Food, Inc. a couple of nights ago and, on the same night, getting ground beef from Trader Joe's that was exactly the same pink all the way through (I'm afraid to think about how they did that), I'm ready for good meat.

    1. We buy all our hormone and anti-biotic free meat and poultry at Tendercrop Farms on Rte. 1A in Newbury. They practice Integrated Pest Management on their produce and in season grow many different varieties other than the usual greens and tubers.

      1. In town, Lionettes's in the SE or Savenor's both offer local meat. Butcher Shop may also. Pretty sure they sell local eggs. Bina sells eggs from a local farm.

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          Lionette's was sold last winter and is now Don Otto's:

          I haven't been there since the changeover but they're still selling regionally raised meats and poultry.

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            i was in there a few weeks ago. Looks about the same as before. I didn't even look at the sign or notice the name change.

            Concord Prime and Beef also carries local products.

        2. Pete and Jen's backyard birds in Concord sells grass fed beef and their own chickens, pork and I believe lamb as well as eggs. Look on their website for more info.

          1. Was searching old threads yesterday for this very topic - specific to ground beef - we came up with two options we visited and brought home to try - Verrill Farms (frozen, about $7.50 per lb - says "our own grass fed and corn finished" - not sure about that last part....) and Codman Community Cooperative Farm Store in Lincoln.

            The latter is a small, unattended room in the barn with a couple of freezers full of meat and an egg refrigerator - it's honor system, prices are marked, you log what you buy and leave cash or check in the (secured) box by the door. The eggs were $4 a dozen and definitely the freshest, tastiest we have had in a really long time. The ground beef at $7.00 per lb is still thawing in the fridge - we have high hopes based on the eggs. There were also other cuts of beef (oxtail and delmonico steaks and some roasts) and lamb (leg, shoulder roast) and a label for pork/bacon but none avaiable yesterday.

            Can't wait to learn of other options....

            We know Wilson Farms sells their own eggs and they are pretty good and reasonably priced - does anyone know about how well their chickens are treated? - e.g., are they free roaming all the time with beaks intact?

            The treatment of the animals is at least as important to us as whether they are meeting organic standards, not overtreated with hormones/antibiotics and fed 100% grass (the cows, not the chickens).

            Wilson Farm
            10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

            Verrill Farm
            11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

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              We still love the eggs from the Codman Farm, but the grass-fed beef we had was MUCH too lean for grilled burgers - flavorful, but needs fat added to the mix in a large proportion!