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Apr 25, 2010 05:35 AM

Looking for Biker Bar on way or near Oswego

A group of bikers (old fat guys who ride Harley's) are travelling from Ontario to Oswego Speedway for the races and are looking for a good spot where other bikers find popular to stop for a cold refreshment and something to eat. We are crossing by ferry from Wolfe Island so any Rec's between Cape Vincent and Oswego would be appreciatted. Thanks

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  1. Not totally appropriate, but there is Syracuse's Dinosaur BBQ, 35 miles south of Oswego.
    Maybe worth a pilgrimage?

    1. Thanks Porker ... and you are absolutely right about Dinosaur BBQ, I have been there and we may have to make the trip down, if nothing else comes up.

      1. When you get off the Wolfe Island Ferry in Cape Vincent there is the customs office on your right and a bait shop on your left.
        Just past the bait shop take a left turn and you'll find a bar on the water just past the bait shop on the left that serves good food and is biker-friendly.
        Also when you get onto Rt. 3 heading S. towards Oswego there is a bar off Rt. 3 in Sackets Harbor at the blinking light on Rt. 3 called the Nu Pier.
        This place has excellent food and a very freindly bar.
        We hang out there all the time.
        In Oswego make sure you hit Wade's for breakfast;the best omlettes and egss in town and Rudy, on the lake past the SUNY Oswego Campus.
        Rudy's has excellent food and makes bikers (old fat guys and their chicks) hang out there also.
        Enjoy your trip!

        1. Thanks Catnip ... those are perfect, I will report back

          1. Dominick's used to next to the speedway. It has now moved to Ct Rte 29 in Scriba. Woodchuck Tavern(near Fort Ontario), Humphrey's(Barker Road), and Bodees(Route 48, between Fulton and Oswego) are also known as "biker" bars. Other Oswego "Roadfood" places would include Rudy's, Wade's Diner, and the Oswego Sub Shop.

            Shamingly, I should plug my own place, Greene's Ale House & Grille(corner of W.8th and Bridge)

            Oswego Sub Shop
            106 W Bridge St, Oswego, NY 13126