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Mexico City - Los Feliz

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I read on an earlier post about going to this place before heading to the Greek...I stopped in before last night's Wilco show.
The hostess ignored me when I walked in and then told me it would be 10 minutes for a table for 2 (even though there were numerous tables open.)
After finally being seated 20 minutes later (the hostess disappeared and ignored many waiting for tables), my friend and I sat and ate on chips while many waiters passed us by and ignored our pleas to order. After 20 minutes (!), with an empty bowl of chips and no water on our table, we ditched the place.

I don't reccomend this place on my worst enemy. The food looked overpriced and I've been ignored so harshly. (And it wasn't just me, the table next to me complmained to the hostess as we sat down.)

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  1. Been that way for nearly 10 years, so no surprise here. Talk about your consummate space cadets - and that does not even address the food issue, which at that point is beside the point! When or will they ever get it?!

    1. Blandest Mexican food I've ever had. If it were a choice between Mexico City & El Coyote (which is also pretty lame) I'd think I'd be driving down Beverly Blvd. even though Mexico City is much closer.

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        I'll second that - at least El coyote is loads of fun, kind of a Mexican Buca di Beppo. We went to Mexico City just once, and though the food was okay it was clear the kitchen was coasting on its reputation, and the waitstaff didn't even give a shit about that. Sad.

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          Thirded. I'll go to Taco Bell before this place.

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            Agreed! Went once about 7 years ago and the service and food were both horrible!

      2. It's also INSANELY loud.

        And always jammed.

        People are idiots.

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          David The Diner

          Gosh, it sounds like you had a bad experience. I haven't eaten there in about two years since I moved over the hill but I must say that I used to enjoy eating there. The food is pricey but good.

          1. consider yourself lucky! mexico city is TERRIBLE. i'll never return based on the horrible food alone.

            1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. We were there before the Wilco show too but had a totally different experience. We were seated right away, our drink order and food order were taken promptly, and the food came out pretty quickly. I have to say we got there kind of early, about 6:15 cuz we knew that place was going to be slammed because of the show.

              The pork chop in adobo is really good. Though I am looking for a recipe for this dish so I don't have to deal with the high decibel level of the chattering hipsters while trying to have a conversation!

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                Didn't they own another place across from El Coyote? I know they closed and I forget what it was called. I used to really like that place. Same menu?

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                  It was called Mexica and was located where Angelini Osteria is now located, and no they did not have the exact same menu, although many items did overlap. I liked the Beverly one all right, but hate the Hillhurst one.

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                    Thanks. I liked their pounded breaded chicken breast.

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                  sally from LA

                  I also can't understand the recommendations for Mexico City - it has zero ambiance, and the food is only average.

                  1. Wow! I just came back from dinner there last night - hadn't been there in eons. It was great. Fresh fried chips with this really tasty red salsa, fresh guacamole, and really good enchiladas con pollo with mole poblano, served with nice garlicky rice. The only challenges were the drink service (a bit choppy) and the sweet corn tamales (not the best and kind of falling apart, but if you give me an average sweet corn tamale with good salsa verde and crema, I will probably not complain at all).

                    It is most certainly not on par with El Coyote, that's for sure. I would go back again and order the exact same supper.

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                      If not on a par with El Coyote, then why not step up a notch and go to El Coyote and get better food and really have a good time?

                    2. Mexico City is easily one of the worst restaurants in Los Angeles. Just awful for every reason. I live close by and really wish it wasn't so bad, but the food, service, noise....everything. Just terrible.

                      1. Mexico CIty is sub-par and nothing more than a name. Would not recommend it too anyone. El Coyote is very average as well - americanized Mexican food in Hollywood party land.

                        1. "Chattering Hipsters"? Sounds like this is more about the neighborhood than anything else... The best time to go to this place is during the week, when it's not so crowded. And I definitely prefer it to Malo, where I ordered one type of tequila and then was charged for a more expensive one...

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                            Mexico City may be the one place that ISNT better than Malo. Malo is bad, but the food isn't as offensive as Mexico City, just bland and greasy. Malo also has terrible accoustics and poor service too.

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                              I couldn't agree with you more, altho I only ate there one time. Had an attitudanal waitress who was snitty when I pointed out our food was slow in coming out, relative to other diners. Since the place is owned by the same guy who owns Cobras & Matadors, which also gets criticized frequently on CH for snotty service, I wonder if that style is just endemic to his eateries?

                              1. re: Mr. Cookie

                                Malo, Cobras, and the previous Hillmont must have aimed for a theme of uncomfortable seating, poor accoustics and "too good for this room" servers.

                          2. I think Mexico City is a joke of a mexi restaurant. Bland, tasteless food, ignorant service and way overpriced. I have tried it a few times with consistently bad results. I think the tell-tale sign was that, when I asked for Tapatio, they brought out the gallon-sized bottle of it from the kitchen. They don't have Tapatio on the tables, nor do they offer it as anything other than an ingredient. Bah!~


                            1. I have to agree with the negative posters. I went to Mexico City once and came out shaking my head at the mediocre food and relatively high prices. And yes, it was way too loud. Believe me, who exactly the other customers were had nothing to do with my assessment. La Parrilla around the corner on Sunset has much better food, ambiance, everything.

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                                I love La Parilla, great flavours and friendly service.

                              2. Mexico City is all about the atmosphere and the trendy vibes. The last time I went the service was much improved .. however, the food, still bland. For really great mexican food, a must is Lucy's El Adobe on Melrose across from Paramount.

                                  1. Disappointing. We ordered the chiles en Nogado and chicken "verde mole." The entrees arrived late, both DROWNED in their respective sauces: unrecognizable globs standing in pools of semi-congealed goo that spread to the rims of the plates. That said, I like (and usually order) their conchita pibil. It's not enough, though, to do just one dish well in these tight times.