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Apr 25, 2010 03:12 AM

Four Frozen Duck Leg Quarters in the Freezer... what to do?

My local grocery had (for some odd reason) a one-off heap of fresh duck leg quarters for a not-to-be-ignored price. So I bought them and tossed them into the freezer about a month ago... they've been sitting there since because it's occurred to me that I'm pretty busy during the week, pretty tired on the weekend, and my flatmate doesn't like spice (which I adore).

So I am trying to think of a creative, yet spicy (not HOT spicy, but flavourful) way to cook these things before they fuse themselves to the side of the deep freezer. Anyone have any (fairly simple, yet tasty) ideas? Thawing them then drizzling them with some kind of a hand made spice paste then baking was my only idea, but surely there must be better ones out there...

Thanks to anyone who wants to pitch in on this one. Am beginning to wonder why I bought duck when I've never prepared it before!

Oh, p.s. it is winter here, so can't use the grill!

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  1. what about doing a confit and then making cassoulet? it's a great stick-to-your-bones kind of cold weather recipe. and you can make it as spicy as you want! here's an easy confit recipe to get you started

    the cassoulet sounds scary but it's not hard at all and it's great as a one pot dish.

    1. It's screaming confit to me, and that cassoulet idea sounds good too.

      1. I really like this stovetop Chinese "roast" duck, which works perfectly with four leg quarters (you don't need to cut them up further before cooking). It really tastes like a traditional roast duck, the kind you buy for takeout in Chinatown shops, but is cooked in a pan. Make sure you keep the heat moderate while cooking it and rendering out the fat; strain the fat into a jar, and use it to cook potatoes, eggs, veggies - it makes everything taste better. Also, I recommending halving the brown sugar, as the full amount makes it too thick and sticky.