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Apr 25, 2010 02:35 AM

Good news about Goodnoe's

Maybe I am the last to know but I was at Gross' Gourmet in Doylestown today and saw some signs for goodnoe's ice cream. I asked about them and apparently Goodnoe's was reopened by the kids in a new location in downtown Newtown, and Gross" is going to be scooping out Goodnoe's ice cream soon. Ah, I remember the old location well. Once when I was little I wanted to order a pig's trough or something with nine scoops. I really thought I could eat it all but wiser heads prevailed. Guess it's road trip time the next hot day we get.

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  1. I thought the pig's trough was at Greenwood Dairies. They would give you a button that said "I was a pig at Greenwood Dairies".

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    1. re: JanR

      I think goodnoe's had something similar. Including a spoon that looked like a small shovel.

      1. re: givemecarbs

        I believe Goodnoe's called theirs the Atomic Sundae.

    2. Do you know where the new location is? I'm happy to hear they're coming back. They were a Newtown landmark. There is the ZSW but they just don't compare to Goodnoes.

        1. re: Chefmonty

          Thank You!! I think I'll stop by tomorrow.

        2. just got my peanut butter ripple and it was sooo good. I was trying to savor each bite but ate it in 5 minutes. It's good to know that I can always go back to Goodnoes and get more. YUM!