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Apr 24, 2010 10:07 PM

Addisons in Del Mar

Just dined at Addisons with my wife for her birthday and we had the best meal we've ever had in San Diego in the 15 years we've lived here. Incredible service, fantastic food and prices that are not inexpensive, but much less than comparable dining we've had in the SF Bay area. Food and service are comparable to the French Laundry, but at about a third of the price. This is a special restaurant that I'd recommend for that special occasion. A four course dinner is $98 and a 3 course is $85. But for that price you get an experience that's memorable like few others.

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  1. >Food and service are comparable to the French Laundry

    Really? In what respect? How many times have you eaten at the French Laundry?

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    1. re: nileg

      Two times. In what respect? In the quality of the dishes, presentation and the service. While the French Laundry has more courses, Addison's offers equally good food. A friend who is a chef in San Francisco at a 1 star Michelin recommended Addison's and made a similar comparison. He was blown away that San Diego had such an amazing restaurant. Both of us love Market, but it pales in comparison to Addisons. As to the service, it was outstanding. Everything was presented to the two of us at the same time, the waitstaff was there when needed and were friendly and not stuffy. While we had 4 courses, there were extra courses brought as well as house made brioche and house made butter. They also did not gouge as some top restaurants do. There's no charge for bottled water, a huge selection of wines by the glass and half bottle at fair prices, and a $25 corkage fee. The tables are intended not to turn; it's yours for the night. But ultimately it comes down to the food.

      1. re: Bill

        Thanks Bill. Addison's has been on my radar for awhile and I think your post was the push I needed to get my butt in gear. Birthday dinner, here I come!

      2. re: nileg

        What an excellent cross-examination, counselor nileg! Way to deal with such a clearly hostile witness.

        1. re: nileg

          I totally get what Bill was referencing in regards to FL vs. Addisons.
          I've been several times to FL and though I enjoyed it, I find that Tetsuya's in Sydney and Addison blows FL price, service and creativity.

          1. re: nileg

            I didn't take nileg's response as nasty. It seemed to me to be astonishment.

            1. re: stevewag23

              Count me as astonished. I've never had the pleasure of The French Laundry, and while I think Addison is clearly the best restaurant in California, it's not the best meal I've ever eaten. Count Providence in L.A. as superior. Or Restaurant Eve in Washington D.C. So I had rather expected that The French Laundry would be better. But who knows? Perhaps the FL is coasting on their reputation? Or different strokes for different folks?

              And as a point of pedantry (because, you know, what better way to win friends and influence people than to bring out the pedantry - Addison = lovely restaurant in San Diego. Addison's = devastating endocrine disease).