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Apr 24, 2010 09:34 PM

Cuban bread

Anywhere to pick up Pan Cubano in Minnesota? I ate it regularly in Florida and loved it, but obviously, it's a bit more difficult to find in Duluth.

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  1. You know, I would love to know too. I lived in Puerto RIco for awhile and they made this chewy yummy style of bread , too. But here most of the hispanics are either from Mexico or Latin/South America, where I don't think they use that type of bread, There are many panaderias on Lake St, I just have never been in any, so I don't know if they carry it or not. Hopefully somebody else might.

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    1. re: daniellempls

      I'd give Vic a call at Victor's.

      Victor's 1959 Cafe
      3756 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409

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        Cuban bread is not Puerto Rican bread. Cuban bread is distinctly Cuban.

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          they don't sell Cuban bread in Minnesota. I went to Victors & they don't have it either. just told me to let them know if I find a place that has them so they could sell it as well. I know a baker that will start making them.

        2. as a floridian who grew up on true cuban food and cuban bread there is no chance..i have not even come close to real cuban food anywhere in MN..sorry..maybe a ship overnight on line?

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            I'm in the same boat and when I go back to Miami that's all I eat. Please post if you find a spot for this bread.

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                How would Portuguese buns compare? They're less crusty than French bread or the type of bread used for banh mi.

                I had a Cubano at Folklorama's Cuban Pavilion (in Winnipeg) the other day and I thought the bread they used was quite similar to the buns we buy at a Portuguese bakery. I have nothing to compare it to, though. It might be worth a visit to a Portuguese bakery if there's one in MSP. I'd bring some down later this week, but I'd have to buy them Thursday and they're really only good the same day (although for a pressed sandwich, they might still be OK).