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Apr 24, 2010 09:13 PM

Ho Ho Ho at Ha Ha

- this afternoon i spontaneously walked thru the door of a small, newish place just immediately to the north- east of the joyce skytrain station, called the Ha Ha Cafe. i was actually on my way to Bo Laksa- but the Ha Ha sidewalk- board ad mentioned seafood soup with rice noodle. didn't make it to Bo Laksa today.
- there is nothing astonishing about the menu at Ha Ha. every item on their menu can be found at a hundred thousand other places around this city. it is a very standard menu, and appears to reflect a combination of Thai, Vietnamese, and ' Chinese '. a food genius such as fmed could look at the Ha Ha menu and pinpoint exactly WHERE its origins are. i cannot. chicken udon shows up on the menu as well.
- the reason why i am giving this small, bright, clean cafe two thumbs up is because of the absolutely EXCELLENT bowl of seafood soup i enjoyed there today. a large bowl with a generous selection of VERY fresh vegetables, perfectly cooked noodles, and, naturally- seafood ( mussels in shell, large, fresh prawns in shell, and various fish cakes and balls that were surprisingly palatable ) - but the best aspect of this dish was the impeccable broth- which clearly appeared to have been prepared utilizing a vegetable stock PLUS the added seafood itself. result: a remarkably fresh, aromatic, and condiment- free ( i had to savour it for a few momments to appreciate it. i then chose to NOT add either soy or hot sauce )
- i only tried one item on their menu- but was so impressed that i will be returning. high- end prices at the Ha Ha ? try 6- 7 $

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  1. Nice one slugs. I hadn't considered the Ha Ha. I'll have to check it out now.

    1. I hope the food is better than the ice drink I had last summer. Meh. Perhaps I should give it another go since it's in the 'hood. I go to non-food businesses in the area, and some also think it's so-so. I do like the bright orange interior and orangina-styled artwork though.

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        - fair enough, el lobo. again: i only tried the ONE item. and the menu listings are hardly novel. it was just so gratifying to find a soup broth so well- mannered, well- behaved, and completely devoid of brash characteristics. also appreciated the lime leaves, fresh lemongrass logs, and doodlings of cilantro. looking forward to trying the seafood / tofu hot pot.

      2. This place is now a convenience store. Actually the store moved from its Skytrain-facing location. Rumour says a Waves Coffee is moving into the 'hood. eek.