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Gluten Free Deli Meats

Does anyone know which brands are GF? Turkey, Bologna, Salami...and Hot Dog?


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  1. I have no idea ( I'm a vegetarian) but why would at least the first 3 have any gluten at all?

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      It is on my list of possible foods that may have gluten...I am a vegetarian also, it is for my son.

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        I can't answer the OP's question, but as to why there might be gluten in such foods . . . many foods have fillers these days; I could easily imagine "cheap" meats like bologna having filler that could have flour as a component.

      2. All the kosher for Pesach deli is gluten free

        1. Where are you located - maybe someone could suggest a local deli that makes their own coldcuts - like in chicago there is Romanians -

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              This is a kosher board; the company you referred to is NOT kosher.

            2. NOT deli by any meqns BUT Amys makes some really yummy non meat gluten free bowls. I dont need to eat GF, but on occasion I eat a produc that is. Infact they make alot of gluten free foods - just check their website. Most if not all of the GF foods are also kosher too!

              1. Hi peanutgallery7,
                Did you ever find the answer to your question? I am searching for the exact same products. GF and kosher deli meats.

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                  Several of the kosher brands will tell you that they are NOT gluten free (at least one has admitted that the products are gluten free but they are so worried about cross contamination that he will not say anything is gluten free–frustrating but better than those that say something is safe and is not careful to prevent cross contamination) . Besides Empire there are at least 2 other brands that are ok. I don’t remember the exact names so will check the next time I go to the store which will be before Shabbos.

                  Here in Baltimore Wasserman’s deli (which they do ship) is excellent and is all gluten free. It may contain corn or soy during the year (most doesn’t just some) but about 6 weeks prior to Passover all the deli is KFP so is also free of kitniyot.

                  I will also check to verify the exact names of at least one brand that I haven’t checked since they had some changes, they were gluten free in the past but I am not rechecking since I am no longer allowed to eat deli for other medical issues.

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                    Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!