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Apr 24, 2010 07:47 PM

ricotta impastata in NYC?

Hello - can anyone tell me if there's a store in the NYC metro area that retails ricotta impastata? It's available from Calabro Cheese, but they don't seem to distribute it to the public. I haven't had any luck looking in specialty grocers like Murray's, Manganaro's in Hell's Kitchen, and BuonItalia in Chelsea Market.

I've also tried to "mimic" ricotta impastata by straining regular ricotta overnight. I manage to remove some fluid, but I still think it retains too much water to resemble impastata.

Any leads are much appreciated - thank you!

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    1. Did you call DiPalo? If they don't have it, try Calandra on Arthur Avenue. Can you use "basket" cheese--that is pretty easy to find in Manhattan.

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      1. re: erica

        Try Casa de Mozarella too (corner of Arthur Ave)

      2. Try Joe's Dairy (I think they have it)--212) 677-8780.
        NB closed Sunday-Monday

        Joe's Dairy
        156 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

        1. Thanks everybody! This is very helpful. Although I've been to Arthur Avenue before, I'm not aware of any store in that area that definitely carries impastata. But I'll keep my eyes peeled next time.

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          1. re: hazelnut_spread

            You could call the Arthur Ave stores and ask...