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Apr 24, 2010 06:56 PM

What can I add to leftover pasta to liven it up?

So I made a solid pasta sauce with paste, ground chicken, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, fresh rosemary, beef and chicken stock (parmagianno grated over). I made enough sauce for four boxes of pasta. But after two days and two boxes of pasta the family is bored. What can I through in to liven it up? I've thought of pitted olives and also possibly sauteed broccoli rabe. Any other suggestions?


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  1. So you have leftover sauce, not leftover pasta yes?

    I say if the family loved it, freeze the leftover sauce. Then you can love it again in month or two.

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        Seconded (thirded?)

        Your family is sick of it. Doctoring it up won't make them want to eat more pasta. Either use it as a sauce for a braised lamb shank or freeze it.

    1. No we have plenty of pasta (and rice even) leftover but want to make it more interesting after two days of the same thing. We are on a budget and have few alternatives.

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        >> I made enough sauce for four boxes of pasta. But after two days and two boxes of pasta the family is bored.

        It did sound like you got pasta sauce left, or did you and your family manage to finish all the four boxes of pasta's worth of sauce with the two boxes of pasta? :-) Do tell if you still have some of that sauce left, I am sure you will get some great ideas on how to liven and use up that sauce from this board.

        And to finish up the leftover cooked pasta, I agree with ipsedixit on making a cold salad out of it. Especially because your sauce sounds pretty rich, it would be nice to make something to balance out the heavy pasta dinners you have been having. Think tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, mint or whatever herbs you can find now, dressed with lemon or vinegar and olive oil, similar to a what you would do to make a tabouleh. I just happened to make something similar for lunch, using leftover brown rice and barley. Refreshing and delicious.

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          I guess I'm confused.

          Did you make the sauce and 4 boxes of pasta and mixed them all together right then?

          Or do you have the sauce separate from the pasta?

        2. Learn how to make frittatas - means adding beaten eggs to any leftovers, including vegetables and pasta mixed with sauce. Classic Italian way to stretch a budget - and made right, they're delicious. with a good salad you have a simple cheap and delicious meal.

          Google Paula Dean's Swiss steak recipe. It calls for cheap cube steaks simmered in tomato sauce with a little onion and green pepper and then served with mashed potatoes, rice or pasta. I've made it a couple times and it's delicious - sure you could use some of your sauce to make it.

          1. Make some baked ziti with it. Stick it in a corning/pyrex dish with some mozzarella cheese sprinkled throughout. Add the things you came up with: olives/broccoli rabe. Your family will love it.

            1. Cold pasta salad?

              OR maybe try a Pasta 'N Cheese (a la Mac 'N Cheese).

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                Cold pasta salad with onions, tomato,celery and tuna and a generous amount of Hellman's - childhood, picnic comfort food for me...