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Apr 24, 2010 06:03 PM

What's for dinner at Ko?

Yes, I'm going once again to Ko for dinner (big surprise!). Has anyone had dinner in the past few weeks and can describe the menu? Thanks for your help.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks Kathryn! I'm noticing that Ko is changing their menu less frequently than in the past. Glad to see the beef carpaccio added back (this was a favorite of mine from the 16 course lunch from last year). I was hoping they had changed the duck (even though I like it very much, but I've already had it 2 or 3 times), and the hand torn pasta (I've also had this at least 3 times). The new dessert is brilliant! I usually try to space out the dinners every two months to see changes in the menu. I wish they would add back the wonderful short ribs (they're my absolute favorite!).

      1. re: ellenost

        We had dinner at Ko on Friday and frankly were blown away. The info linked to above from 4/12/20 matches what we had. Our favourties were the foie gras (wow), the duck, the skate, the "onion soup" (for me) and the carpaccio (wife). We were pleased to hear that the lunch menu is almost totally different, as we want to go back soon.

        I have seen mixed reviews of the restaurant here, largely around room temp (so take layers) and staff frostiness (it's a small place, so don't expect to be pampered like you would at EMP or the like), but our FOOD experience was stellar and that's what we went for.

        If you were a huge eater, you would leave Ko hungry. We are not, and in fact it was nice to not be dreading the next course towards the end of the repertoire.

        For us, the menu while pricey in absolute terms is a relatively good deal. A truly memorable experience and though initially the bar-stool, elbow-to-elbow setup was a little strange, the food and wine quickly became the focus. That's what we enjoy. Someone looking for a more top-to-bottom "fine dining" night might not feel the same way.

        btw I was able to go online to the Ko reservation site one day about a week ago and found open slots for that Friday, as well as for some lunch times/days. Perhaps I just got lucky or perhaps the buzz is dying down a little - when I tried to get a slot last year, I just gave up in frustration.

        1. re: NYCTechy

          Had another great dinner at Ko last night. Two new additions to the menu linked to above: pasta is now orrechiette with crawfish, asparagus, chicken sausage, garbanzo beans.and crumbled ricotta. Sauce was a tomato-based broth with chili paste. The sorbet has changed too; it's now an apricot sorbet with crumbled pie shell and molasses. I liked both new dishes very much. In addition, I loved the return of the beef carpaccio (which was a favorite of mine from the earlier lunch menus) and the new fluke dish. Service was, as usual, very attentive.