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Uses for ground chicken (or turkey)

I've generally avoided ground poultry because I find it bland, a strange texture and also as a way to discourage its production (hah).

Today on ATK they used it to make stock for soup - why didn't I think of that before?
The rest of the ingredient list is onion, carrot, celery, premade chicken stock (!), bay leaf and the chicken breast to be poached. For just stock, I'd sub a chicken carcass or wings for the breast meat.
Has anyone else tried this recipe?

I just made some larb (laap) with ground turkey that was pretty good, but not as good as beef. Green chili with this white meat works pretty well.
Any other favorite recipes besides burgers or meatballs? TIA!

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  1. tacos or burritos
    poultry bolognese
    stuffed pasta - shells, ravioli, cannelloni
    dumplings/won tons
    egg rolls/spring rolls
    stuffed peppers
    stuffed cabbage

    1. ma po tofu works nicely with ground turkey...pork is the traditional ground meat but I've done it successfully with the turkey, too!

      1. Wait... What?! Store-bought chicken stock is one of the ingredients for home-made chicken stock? I've never watched that show, and now I probably never will. And I want to smack whoever came up with that.

        Haven't tried this yet, it's from Bon Appetit's Thanksgiving issue last year:

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          They were trying to 'pump up' store bought stock, so they weren't calling it 'home made'. Hmmm, can't find the recipe on their site yet.
          Between cheap chicken parts and Costco chicken carcasses, I rarely find a need to raid my 'emergency' box of stock.

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            The appearance of that recipe, in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of CI was the reason I did not renew my subscription, which I'd had for 13 years. Supremely wasteful and, I thought, inimical to their whole ethos. It was more suited to Rachel Ray than to an organization that did not previously prioritize convenience over wholesomeness and frugality. Whereas their chicken recipes virtually always mention their use of Bell & Evans, this recipe had a photo of Perdue ground chicken, which was a disappointment.

        2. I use ground turkey to make chili; same recipe as beef. Works find; usually costs less. If you prefer a "beefy" flavor, I suppose you could always add some bullion or use stock in place of some of the liquid..

          1. Lettuce Wraps - marinate the meat in soy sauce, garlic, rice wine vinegar, a little sesame oil; stir-fry, then mix together some hoisin, oyster sauce, soy, rice wine vinegar, garlic and sesame oil. add most of it to meat along with some celery, water chestnuts and shredded carrots; let cook through. remove the meat, then saute some mushrooms in the remaining sauce. serve with lettuce :)

            Shepherd's Pie
            Sloppy Tim's

            1. If you Google "chicken AND basil AND recipe", the fifth recipe down (from ThaiTable.com) uses ground chicken, is simple and good. We had it tonight.

              1. Lettuce wraps. I am sure there is a copy cat recipe out there for PF Changs... so good.

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                  Since I'm making lettuce wraps this afternoon, I just happen to have the recipe handy. Just substitute the ground chicken for the chicken breasts. Here is a link to the recipe I use:


                2. Some Japanese approaches to ground chicken are tori soboro (seasoned ground chicken) and tsukune (japanese chicken meatball or pattie). Elizabeth Andoh (in her book Washoku ) has a recipe for tori soboro that includes sake, sugar, soy sauce and ginger juice. Simple. I like it on top of hot rice or she suggests using it as a filling for onigiri (Japanese rice ball). Tsukune can be fried, simmered or grilled yakitori style. I love to grill it. Quick and easy in the summer. Good for easy entertaining and kid-friendly (my nephew loves tsukune). Here's a basic recipe that I like. Sometimes I need to add more chicken to get it the right consistency. http://www.nihonichi.jp/english/recip...

                  1. Here's my adaptation of a great turkey burger recipe I found here: http://www.tampabay.com/features/fitn... - very moist and flavorful!

                    MISO-GINGER TURKEY BURGER

                    Start to finish: 20 minutes

                    Servings: 4

                    1 tablespoon miso or miso/mustard sauce

                    1 tbsp yogurt

                    1 tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce

                    2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger

                    1 pound 93 percent lean ground turkey

                    1/2 cup chopped scallions

                    1/3 cup panko (Japanese-style) breadcrumbs

                    1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

                    Vegetable oil

                    4 whole-wheat hamburger buns

                    Salt, to taste

                    In a large bowl, whisk together the miso, soy sauce and ginger. Add the ground turkey, yogurt, scallions, breadcrumbs and black pepper. Gently but thoroughly mix together. Shape into 4 patties, each about 3/4 inch thick.

                    In non stick pan with ½ tbsp oil, sear the burgers until well browned on the underside, about 4 to 5 minutes. With a spatula, turn the burgers over carefully. Cover pan and sear for another 4 to 6 minutes.

                    Season the burgers with salt. Dress the burgers with condiments and vegetables as desired.

                      1. Rachel Ray's buffalo sloppy joes is a great weekday meal and a fun alternative to wings when made with slider buns. Blue Cheese on the top is a must.