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Apr 24, 2010 04:39 PM

City Table

A search uncovers very little about this place in the Lenox Hotel. It has been open about six months and replaced Azure. Anyone have any experience? Thanks.

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  1. Bump. Surely someone has been there.

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      I've been there once. I went with about 10 people after a C's game a few months ago. It's kind of weird that it's called City Table when City Bar is right next to it, definitely created some confusion trying to meet up with some people. They had a small but interesting beer selection (I think most interesting beers were bottles) and I had a Pisco Sour and a Dark n' Stormy. Both were well made, although I'm not sure I'd rave about them. Be forewarned though, while I do a lot of drinking, but I would not consider myself a cocktail connoisseur by any means. There was not much of a scene in there (about 11-midnight on a Friday) although it was a pretty good place for 10 people to grab a table and hang out. City Bar is much better as far as the scene goes. We did not order any food.