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Apr 24, 2010 03:29 PM

Mariscos Chente Lennox

Just had a shrimp and octopus coctel at Lennox.
Sergio was doing the cooking.

i was served the, sergio-sublime-creation that i knew at centinela.

The seafood was PLENTIFUL, FRESH, and PERFECTLY cooked.
the broth was the PERFECT, AMAZING, EXCELLENT broth that sergio cooks.

this coctel did NOT need doctoring in order to be almost-as-good as what we are used to:
it WAS every bit as good as what we are used to.

the coctel did NOT need to be compared to lesser restaurants in order to justify the loss in quality.
this coctel WAS the KING of shrimp and octopus coctels that we have come to know and love from sergio's stint at the centinela location.

(i'm going to weep in relief now. . . .)

i just pray that the other dishes at the lennox location will be as good.
realistically, this is not sergio's kitchen, it is vicente's kitchen.
i don't know how this will end up affecting (or not affecting) the food.

also, gotta say that the waitress, Clara, who is angie's cousin, is a real sweetheart--an extremely welcoming and warm person.

10820 Inglewood Av
Lennox CA 90309

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  1. Good news! I knew my too-salty ceviche was just a fluke. :)

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    1. re: annapurna7

      at this point i'm reserving judgement on all the other dishes.

      as i said, this kitchen, in it's entirety, is not under sergio's control.

      will report back over time, dish by dish.

      all i know is that today was a very good day in my book. it demonstrates that, with sergio cooking, the lennox location has the capability to turn out those coctels. i pray this will be consistent.

      1. re: westsidegal

        westsidegal - is this location just south of Century Blvd. or quite a bit south of it?
        I thought the address was 10020 Inglewood Ave. in Inglewood.
        Just checking.

        1. re: carter

          this place is just south of century blvd.
          if you are heading south on inglewood blvd, as soon as you pass century look for a parking spot.
          (there is a small amount of cramped parking available in the strip mall to which it is attached, but i prefer parking on the street)

    2. Hi westsidegal,

      Thanks for the report back. :) I can't wait to try it.

      Do you know if this current location takes credit cards? Or is it cash only? Thanks.

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      1. re: exilekiss

        sorry, dunno, since i always pay cash at mom-and-pop restaurants.
        (imho, the margins for these kinds of operations are slim enough as is, without giving the bank a cut of the pie. )

        1. re: westsidegal

          Great point, westsidegal. I pretty much take the same approach, but it often takes someone to point out this issue. My wife is much quicker to pull out the plastic - I was raised on cash - paper is my preferred method for most places.

        2. re: exilekiss

          EK: They take credit cards - I am sure about Visa/MC, not sure about Amex.

        3. I'm here right now! Just ordered an aguachile rojo, three Pacifico's in, feelin' good.

          BTW, don't be afraid to try Vincente's cooking, he's the guy who taught Sergio. His hand is different, but I have no problem ordering if he's there, a great cook as well. You can AB the ceviches de camaron. Trying to convince them to hook up an outdoor grill for zarandeado on the weekends. Mention it if you come and maybe they'll get this together.

          Actually, it's a little more fun here, for me anyway. Soccer is blasting, the place is full with paisanos. This is it for now, no problem for Sergio to cook in this kitchen. Cross your fingers for that zarandeado.

          Hey, free wifi too, don't know where it's coming from, but Pacifico's are better than a grande from Starbucks.