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Apr 24, 2010 02:42 PM

Pricing for Meze / Group Dinner at Koutouki, EDM?

Has anybody ever had the Meze at Koutouki? Looking for opinions/reviews on how it was and also the pricing if anybody can remember.

We are looking at the possibility of having a group of ~20 and this was one of the options we thought of.

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  1. The last time I went it was $35 per person. I thought it was good. Some of the meats were overcooked, but I like that there were a lot of different things to try. But I remember it coming out very slowly, and I was so hungry that I ended up eating a lot of the appetizers and was completely full by the time the main meal came out. So, you might be there for a long time, especially with a large group!

    Lets see how good my memory is (I'm sure someone could help me out on this...): You start off with 4 dips and pita - hummus, some spicy feta dip?, roasted red pepper dip? and tzatziki? I can't really remember. Haha. You also get greek salad, Keftedes, calamari, Dolmathakia, and I think spanakopita?. The main is lemony potatoes with a gigantic piece of lamb (which was a little dry). I'm probably missing some things. Overall though, I enjoyed the Meze.

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      I remember the lamb being a little dry too. And there was a vegetable dish that cam with the lamb, that was super overcooked and mushy.

      I seem to recall it being more expensive than that though (but I could be wrong). I do remember it being a lot of food. I could not come close to finishing. Good idea for a group though.

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        I thought it was closer to the $50 mark the last time I went a couple of years ago.

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          Thanks all. $50 or even $35 sounds a little pricey for what we're looking for. The original idea was to all go to a chinese restaurant and pre-order a whole bunch of dishes for the group. This came up as an alternative possibility but looks like the price would be up to 2x what we would pay for chinese food.