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Apr 24, 2010 12:25 PM

ISO 00 flour

Any suggestions? I can probably order it online, but I'd rather go to a local store and buy it. I have a car…

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  1. Capone foods, union square, somerville, usually stocks it. Might also have it at their store in North Cambridge on Mass Ave.

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      If the North Cambridge store is more convenient for you, just call ahead and they will throw what you need on their van which delivers food from the Union Square shop several times per day.

    2. available at Polcari's Italian market in the North End.. Antimo Caputo brand.

      1. Formaggio usually stocks it.

          1. New Deal Fruit in Revere. Lowest prices on all imported Italian pantry items (00 flours, semolina, olive oils, tomatoes, coffee, hard to find pastas from small Italian pasta producers)

            New Deal Fruit
            920 Broadway, Revere, MA