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Apr 24, 2010 11:46 AM

Anxious herring newbie visiting Scandinavia this summer - HELP!

Having perused all the herring-related boards prior to posting, I understand there are those of you out there who are all over this thing. But where to start for an eater (married to a half-Norwegian sardine fan) for whom even salmon can be too fishy? I vaguely remember the sardines of my youth --- my father was a big fan of them on saltines -- and that they didn't taste fishy per se. But I'm afraid. Where should I start? How does herring in its various guises actually taste? And "rich" doesn't help-- so is chocolate, and I'M all over that! And what style of herring is a good entry-level place to start?

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  1. I'm not a huge herring fan but my Finnish husband is. I would suggest going to a supermarket when you get there and buying a variety of types of herring for your own private taste test. Also, I don't know if you will be staying in a hotel, but some Scandinavian hotel breakfasts tend to have a large array of breads, meats, cheeses and even herring. You can try a few kinds to see if there are any that you like. My spouse keeps a huge jar of some kind of marinated herring in the fridge that he snacks on regularly with a fork, right out of the jar, ugh! I can't even stand the smell.

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      You're a dear. I have decided that my husband, who is of Norwegian heritage (hence the three week trip to Scandinavia this summer), will act as my taster. He knows fishy from not, so we'll start there. And yes, looking forward to the hotel buffets -- just not to the vast herring selection I understand I'm in for!