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Apr 24, 2010 10:44 AM

Mystery BBQ restaurant

I found a BBQ restaurant last year at the Rittenhouse square Spring Fling restaurant fair.
We had the most amazing, melt off the bone and into your mouth barbeque. I think we got two ribs, one piece of chicken and a small beer for $2. But I forgot the name! And the only thing I can remember about the stand is I think their slogan was "Gourmet Comffort Food" or something like that. Can anyone help me out?

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  1. Well, there are two new BBQ places in town the last year.. Beebs in the Italian Market and Percy St BBQ on south street. You might also have run into Matt Levin's concept which was to open in Manyunk, "Rubb." Last I remember the BBQ restaurant is still to open but Levin has moved on to do something else. Perhaps this will jog your memory, or someone else can help out.

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      1. Bebe's did pork sandwiches for the Italian Market Festival last year but not Rittenhouse, so it was not them. I did not go to the Rittenhouse festival last year but it could've been Devil's Alley for all you know.

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          When you mentioned Devil's Alley that made me think that it could be Smokin' Betty's? Same owners as Devil's and they do have BBQ items; it opened sometime last year.

          Phoebe's BBQ is at 22nd & South so I could maybe see them making it up to Rittenhouse for the festival.

          Matt Levin was traveling around with his smoker for a bit but I don't think he was at the Rittenhouse Festival. I did not make it to that festival but if I knew ribs, chicken, and a beer could be had for $2, I would have gone! Are you are sure that price is right?

      2. kash

        I was trying to remember that BBQ place too while getting psyched for next weekend, but for the life of me, i cant remember the name. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Percy St., because I don't think they existed back then. Also, although the price was cheap, I don't think it included a beer and I think it might have been $3. Perhaps you or someone you were with got the cute girl discount?

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          I know Alma de Cuba did ribs a few years back at the festival (I think). But I could be wrong...

          1. re: bluehensfan

            I was there last year, and I'm pretty sure it was Devil's Alley. Restaurants that participate in the Rittenhouse festival have to be within a block of Walnut St between Broad and 19th to 20th Streets, and Devil's Alley is at 19th and Chestnut.