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Where to buy skate wing

I live in the Merrimack Valley but willing to travel into the Boston area or North Shore. I am looking for a fish market that sells skate wing on the bone. Have a recipe I would like to try.

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  1. Wednesday I saw skate fish wings at Hmart in Burlington. I have also seen them at Super 88 (Hong Kong Supermarket) in Malden.

    1. Careful of the seafood at H-mart. Some chowhounders have questioned its freshness.

      1. Fish store at the Butcher Boy plaza, The Lobster Tail, can get them for you.

        1. Call New Deal Seafood (in Cambridge) and tell them what you need. Given advance notice, they will make an effort to get it for you (assuming it is available). It's that kind of business. And the price will be fair and the quality excellent!

          1. Concord Prime and Fish had Skate wing last week.

            Concord Prime and Fish
            97 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA

            1. I find it almost all the time at the Whole Foods at Fresh Pond...I think they have the best fish selection in the chain, esp. when it comes to whole or unusual fish.

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                Never seen it on the bone though. Wish I did.

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                  Courthouse (484 Cambridge St., Cambridge) had it last Wednesday, but I am not certain that New Deal (622 Cambridge St.) had it that day.

                  Call both to check on what they have. Both get fresh stock delivered at least once a day.

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                    I'm not sure if this is regularly available, but my mom buys skate, bone-in, from Chinatown sometimes.

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                      Yeah, you're right. The one at Whole Foods is boneless, the one at Courthouse Seafood is on the bone...

                  2. Thanks for all of the great replies. I will try Lobster Tail first since they are the closest and post back.

                    1. courthouse had it on the bone yesterday, 1 may 10.